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Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive



Here is the problem that I've encountered with my laptop HP 6560b. My HDD has crashed and is beyond repair. I've went into the store and bought new HDD-SSD (Samsung 840 pro). I've replaced crashed HDD with new SSD. But to no joy. During WIN7 installation I've came to part where I need to select place where I want to have my new OS. Thing is it's can't be read. So I've dig around the internet and found out that BIOS is issue with these new SSDs. So I've decided to update my BIOS.


BIOS is currently on versio 68SCE Ver. F.08


I've downloaded latest version of BIOS sp62738 from HP Support Center


I've unpacked sp62738.exe and started HPQFlash. Through menu I've setup FLASH for update. 


Folder structure of FLASH


contains following folder structure



within BIOS folder there are two more folders and some BIN and SIG files







and within BiosUpdate




I've sticked FLASH into Laptop and rebooted. I've got the message 'BIOS update failed to update' (or something like that) and I had option just to reboot.


LOG file on FLASH had this with in.


HpBiosUpdate.txt (logfile from root)

09/01/13 22:44:57 EFI HP BIOS Update Started
09/01/13 22:44:57 Failed init of SMBIOS data




HpBiosUpdate.txt (log file from BiosUpdate folder)

09/01/13 22:44:57 HP BIOS Image Interface Protocol Version 1.0
09/01/13 22:44:58 BattInit: Protocol 2010.
09/01/13 22:44:59 All Required Protocols Located
09/01/13 22:44:59 Lang reported as eng.
09/01/13 22:45:00 Language Selected is currently (eng).
09/01/13 22:45:00 Failed Reading BIOS Image Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\New\68SCE.bin


I can see that it can't read 68SCE.bin, but I can't see that file in New as explaned above new folder contains only 



Should I rename these bins and sigs to 68SCE? Has anyone encountered problem like this before with this model and version of BIOS?


Please advise and thanks.

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Re: Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive

When you executed the download BIOS softpaq, did you create a flash bootable key at that point? i assume you used another computer to do that?


If you created a bootable usb key from the BIOS softpaq, you will see 3 files






You can then insert the key no the laptop usb port and reboot to upgrade the BIOS.


Is this what did not work?

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Re: Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive

Problem is that HP software which prepares your usb stick needs to be running on box where it's gonna deploy BIOS.

That is why I had problems with .BIN and .SIG in new folder. They were nameless because software couldn't detect machine on which it was deployed. So, I've rigged WIN OS on usb stick and boot laptop with it, once I had OS just started HP software for update of BIOS and all is good.


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