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Tips for removing keyboard g6-2300

I want to clean my fan as it's started to make noise but to get to the fan, I have to remove the keyboard.  I have read the instructions and watched the video but the keyboard release does not work. I'm looking for some tips as to what I could be missing or if there's a better way.  Here's what I did :

- after shutting down, removing power suppply and battery, remove hard drive, remove optical drive.

- I then remove the screw for the keyboard and press in the keyboard release hole. The keyboard does not budge.

- I tried pressing in the release where the optical drive was ( as I saw on another question) still does not budge.

- I tried removing all screws for the  cover and was able to unsnap the edges of the cover but still the centre of the keyboard is firmly attached and there is no give around the edge of keyboard to pop out from the case.


Any suggestions for what else I can try?   I have the d6 2368-ca model.

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Re: Tips for removing keyboard g6-2300

Don't be shy about poking a screwdriver or something through the release hole and make sure you are not forgetting all the steps before you get to the keyboard. 



The Manual page 53 shows only one screw holding in the keyboard but there are several preliminary removals. I would also remove the optical drive entirely just to be sure:




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Re: Tips for removing keyboard g6-2300

I thought I should update that I figured it out in case anyone has the same issue as me.


Do not use the keyboard release hole to release the keyboard. The keyboard has clips all around the edge and the keyboard release hole allows you to press in the centre of the keyboard which is not helpful as it would spread the pressure to all the clips which results in not enough pressure to actually pop the clips.  


Once you have removed the keyboard screw and the optical drive, if you look in the opening where you insert the optical drive,  there is an opening  to the keyboard which you can access. It's under the "+" on the number pad. I used a phillips to wedge in there and was able to release the clips on the right side side of the keyboard. Then I was able to turn the laptop over and work my way around the edge of the keyboard releasing each clip.

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