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Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

Product Name and Number

Compaq Presario CQ61-310SA


Operating System installed (if applicable)



Error message (if any)

LED flashes twice before pausing and repeating. Indicates BIOS corruption.


Any changes made to your system before the issue occured

Been inactive for 10 months due to having no power cable, I purchased a 3rd party power cable for it today.



Hello, as I stated above, my laptop has been inactive for 10 months and only today I decided to finally get a charger for it, which set me back £5.99, clearly a low quality charger but I was unsure if the laptop even worked anymore and didn't want to splash out on a manufacturer charger. When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED indicator next to the charger port lights up, but with the battery installed the charge LED inbetween the Power and HDD LED's flashes 4 times, on the 4th flash it holds for about a second then discontinues the blinks. When powered up the backlight and LCD do not turn on and the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK LED's flash twice before pausing and repeating and the WiFi light glows orange. I can hear the HDD and fan spinning but the BIOS isn't initiated. I understand this error code refers to BIOS corruption and have attempted a hard reset, holding the power for 15 seconds as stated on some websites, then 30 as stated on others, and finally 60 seconds, as well as replacing the BIOS battery, HDD and memory modules to no avail... It doesn't seem as if the battery is charging at all, but it is completely empty so I'll leave it for a while to see if it does charge.


Is this anything to do with the fact I bought a cheap chinese charger? Or would I have to replace the motherboard?


AC Adapter

Name: WeiXin Da Electronics AC Adapter - PA-1700-02

Input: 100-240v ~ 1.8A

Ouput: 18.5V ~ 3.5A


Many thanks, Jordan.

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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

From the symptoms listed above, I would recommend you go through the following documents and then check if you can isolate the cause of the issue and also check if this helps to resolve the issue:

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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

Thank you for replying, I have already read both articles which suggest my notebook has BIOS Corruption, and as I can't get to Windows, I can't run the BIOS update software... I have tried both removing and replacing the CMOS battery, but no luck...

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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

Same problem here bro could be the ati gpu .... hook the laptop up to an eternal monitor. pres fn+f4 key to check if any display ..... I got same problem no display .. bs corruption ... hp help us
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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

had same problem, disovered my ram must have gotten jiggled while i was changing hard drives, reseated the ram and she booted right up.

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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

This is a phenomenon of these computers.

If you have a computer that won't boot, remove battery, unplug charger. Press powerbutton for at least 20 seconds, insert the power cable, and hold for another 20 seconds. Nothing will seem to happen. Then press power again.

Your LiION battery is close to end of life. Replace. Or get used to doing this. Diag software will warn for failed battery. You will also have a ton of BIOS messages about an obscure error occuring. But you need to have a working Diag partition to make some sense of the meaningless error reported in BIOS.

This has nothing to do with the RTC/NVRAM backup. But it's no reason to not replace it. It costs about 3$ and you can find a 2032 Lithium cell almost everywhere. (3V, 20mm diameter, 3,2mm thick). Located under the harddrive bay cover on the bottom of computer.

If no boot occurs, check that the "lid closed" switch is working. In some environments they can get stucked in "Lid closed" position.

Also if you have access to a can of compressed air (duster), clean the airflow / cooling part from accumulated dust.

These are not exactly the most energy saving computers. They get hot. I have seen examples of plastic chassie parts melting.

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Re: Compaq CQ61 won't boot, 2 led blinks.

Has anyone resloved this issue thanks.

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