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HP tx2000 will not boot-up

Hello, tx2000 will not boot, black screen, fan runs. Tried starting w/o battery did not work. This happened after yesterday (Jan 13, 2010) Windows update. HELP!! Thank you

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

Dear Same is being experienced by me...

I've 2 Hp notebooks pav dv2747tx.. after windows updates, 1 notebook got out of Hp logo even.. the 2nd one is with scattered screen & garbage charachters... I've tried recovery even, also tried to downgrade BIOS.. But in vain.. 



plz help

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

You should refer to the motherboard failure as that is probably what it is... Look for the threads that say so and you can find a way to replace this common faulty problem which HP refuses to acknowledge. Search the threads... Your computer is dead already... Sorry you have to go through what a lot of us have.

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

HI ..


 Try  to do a hard reset ...  remove  the power cord, battery and everything that is connected to the notebook externally.. and hold down the power button on the notebook for 20 seconds and then only connect the ac cord and start the computer..


 If it doesnt work .. try recovery with F11 and reinstall the OEM OS ...



Best Of Luck.. 

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

This could be related to the HP mother board / GPU issue and not the Windows update.

I  have a similar issue with my G60-120us, the screen has no light, no life, nothing. HP says it is a bad mother board. What they do not mention is that the nVidia GPU is overheating (as it did in other models they extended the warranty for) and causing the GPU to melt the solder on the mother board and the GPU is no longer connected. The laptop appears to be in sleep mode since the graphics cannot start. HP will do nothing about this as the 7000 series nVidia GPU is the only one they will admit has an issue, not the 8000 series that are in the G and many other series laptops.

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

HI all,when the laptop powers on you will see that all of the lights are on in blue,also there will be two leds/lights also blue in color blinking one on the left  side of the keyboard and the other on the top right above the keyboard. Check the number of blinks they make then they will pause and start over again example BLINK-BLINK---BLINK-BLINK OR BLINK---BLINK ect.

The number of blinks tells us something example one blink means cpu bad or need reseating.

Please post back and let me know how many blinks and i will try to assist.


Thanks ken


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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

kentronicstt, I hope you were being serious...I am a different person with the same problem. My keyboard lights blink once every three seconds. Please help!

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

Never mind, I actually found the guide that I guess you would be using!


For anyone that finds this thread, go here:


Go down to "Table of Sample Blink Codes"

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

i hv the hp2000 for just over 2 months all was well then immediately after updating for the first time it started giving would not start unless i did a power reset on each , then it went bad to normal ,then yesterday it began to do the same again...i need help to solve this problem ......this is my 2nd hp laptop

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Re: HP tx2000 will not boot-up

Hello JustSaying,


I understand your computer will not boot properly, is that correct? I will be happy to help you.


 I see you have an HP 2000 computer, will HP manufactured a ton  of the HP 2000 series so I need to have the full model of the computer. If you are unsure where to locate that information have a look at this link if needed.


Please respond back at your earliest convenience.


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