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HP 2000 notebook factory reset

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Last week I purchased an HP 2000 notebook with windows 8 installed I now wish to return and upgrade for a model with a faster processor. I only have a very few personal items on it such as my email address, windows password administrator details and log in passwords on a couple of apps.

Therefore I am considering doing a factory reset to remove my personal information and any passwords I have installed.

There is no windows key on the notebook itself. In the windows information there is a product ID number which I do not think is the windows key and another which seems to be it but consists of some asterisks and just the last five letters of a key therefore, I am uncertain about what I need to do.

I am not very good with computers but as far as I can ascertain I need to do a factory reset via the HP repair software and not any other way.

Any advice as to how I should proceed and what precautions I should take would be most welcome (I have watched the specific HP video on this proceedure, maybe I'm just stupid but I found it only added to my confusion).


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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Turn on HP laptp

Press F11

Select Keyboard Layout

Click TroubleShoot

Click Recovery Manager

Click Windows 8


Another is the just start the windows and search recovery, then launch HP Recovery Manager

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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Below is a helpful Guide on the Windows 8 Reset procedure:


Reset Your PC to Resolve Problems (Windows 8)


Excerpted from the Reset Windows 8 document:

This document pertains to HP PCs with Windows 8.
Windows 8 includes a feature called Reset your PC that permanently removes everything and reinstalls Windows. This is useful when you sell or recycle your computer, or when you want to return it to the way it was when it came from the factory.
When you reset your computer, everything is removed including all your personal files, personalization settings, and software apps. The only thing retained is the activation state, so if Windows was activated before the reset, Windows is activated after the reset.

I hope this helps and that you enjoy your new computer.
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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Thank You thank you

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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Resetted mine to master reset than gave me an option I picked the second one it said it would clear the hard drive hope I didn't pick the wrong one its been resetting for hours now?
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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

i will like to reset my laptop to factory default ,but i have try all the examples u have given to me on the internet 

and i followed the general settings to and did follow the intructions but still it will give feedback that some files are missing .your windows intallation or recovery media will provide these files ,.but upto now still


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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Most the time on the newer nodes you can find the activation info when battery iis removed. This particular unit takes way too long to reset. May have to chat with support to find out why is that. One reason I am want to reset is due to both my android note 4 and ip6plus is not being recognized. Have other w in 8 laptops and no problems.
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Re: HP 2000 notebook factory reset

Opening a program, it says the administrator server blocked it, how do you unblock it?
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