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Laptop won't load past the 'Welcome' screen.

I've been having trouble with my laptop recently.  Basically I can turn it on and everything is fine but it sort of gets "stuck" at the "Welcome" screen; the little HP icon glows from dark to light but it won't take me to the login screen.  I've tried System Repair and System Recovery but  both of those options have not fixed the problem.  


What can I do to fix this problem?  I have all my personal files on an external harddrive so if I need to wipe it clean I have no problem doing that.

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Re: Laptop won't load past the 'Welcome' screen.

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Re: Laptop won't load past the 'Welcome' screen.

Maybe try booting in Safe Mode.
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Re: Laptop won't load past the 'Welcome' screen.

Did you perform a system recovery or just a system restore ? System restore is restoring it back to a previous date, and system recovery is restoring it to factory. Perform a hard drive test first. If it passes, then perform system recovery.


Steps to perform hard disk test:

1. Shut computer down.

2. Turn computer on and RIGHT AWAY tap F10 repeatedly to boot into BIOS

***mouse will not work in BIOS so use the arrow keys***

3. If it says "Exit saving changes, yes or no" select No and press Enter.

4. If it doesnt say that, proceed to Diagnostics (on the top) and highlight Primary Hard Disk Self-Test, press Enter.

5. It will take about 10-12mins for the quick test and about an hour for the comprehensive test. If there's a problem with the hard drive, a message will come up which also will automatically end the test or the computer will shut down during the test (unless of course you forgot to plug in the ac adapter!)




Steps to perform system recovery:

1. Shut computer down.

2. Unplug all devices except ac adapter (charger)

3. Turn computer on and RIGHT AWAY tap F11 repeatedly until you see the message "Windows is Loading Files"

4. Wait for the Recovery Manager to come up


5. If you have Win Vista, Click Advanced Options then System Recovery


5. If you have Win 7, click System Recovery under "I Need Help Immediately"


6. Click Next

7. Click "Recover Without Backing Up Your Files" then Next

8. Just keep clicking Next/Ok if you have more options

9. System Recovery will start so wait for it to finish. It has 4 stages and may restart by itself in between stages. I think after stage 1, you will need to click Finish or Continue before it restarts.

10. In Win Vista, it may take 2-4 hours. In Win 7, it may range from 30 mins to 1 hour.



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