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NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

First of Please don't laught at me, but I installed windows 7 on my Compaq NX7010 and can't find driver for the Sound and Graphics. Can someone please help.



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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

Hi blizz1,


Checked thro' all drivers for this pdct. The the most recent OS for which there are drivers are WinXP Variants. Ideally the Win 7 Should have the drivers for the onboard card as the OS-Inbuild drivers. But anyways, please visit the following link and download the drivers and try installing it.


You may also visit the following link for info on the Specs on the Notebook to find more info on the sound card on the unit


Hope this is of help. Have a nice day. :smileyhappy:

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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers


I try to install Windows 7 (Home or Starter) on my NB nx7010, but after the installation the system dont boot and try to make a System Repair....


Is there anything I need to do ?


Regards from Portugal


Pedro Sousa

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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

Hi, Pedro:


One of the problems may be that your notebook's graphics adapter is not Windows 7 or Windows Vista capable.


However, when you do the installation it should complete successfully. You should just end up with a standard VGA controller.



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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

Can you tell us how you got you're wireless adapter working?


regards Rob

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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

I know this is an old thread but just in case someone else needs info:


I have got mine fully working apart from a better graphics driver (Mine uses VGA and goes to 1024 x 768).  I will look to see if there is a better one for another HP laptop.


To get sound and everything else working:


Do a base install of Win7

Connect to web via built in network card (ethernet not wifi)

install ALL updates

Your wifi and sound etc should now work.

Ensure you install ALL of the available updates to get it working.


If anyone has managed to get a better video driver let me know please.



Best of luck!

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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

windows 7 is perfectly running on my nx7010, it is that i am using standard VGA card and couldnt find any better driver


but my problem is SD card driver


my system is not recognizing my SD card slot and i need driver for that, secondly what is the best driver for dvd drive 


any help





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Re: NX7010 Windows 7 drivers

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teşekküler (Thanks) man

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