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(Pavilion dv2000 vista) How to create recovery disks from comand console

What is the directory and excecutable filename for the command to create recovery dvds from the recovery partition?  I am unable to get to the desktop to create them and the recovery console was unable to reformat the hard drive.  The way I see it I only have 3 choices:


1. Make the disks from the recovery partition, replace the drive and run the recovery on the new hard drive.

2. Use linux software to copy the recovery partition to a "mega" flash drive, replace the hard drive, use linux software again to copy the recovery partition onto the new hard drive and run the system recovery then.

3. Pay 15 bucks to have HP ship me the recovery disks.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: (Pavilion dv2000 vista) How to create recovery disks from comand console

Very unique and interesting question.



Creating a Recovery CD Set from a command prompt
Use the following steps to create a Recovery CD set without having Windows open:
  NOTE: You can create only recovery CDs using this method. You cannot create recovery DVDs in a non-Windows environment.
  1. Turn on the computer and press the F11 key repeatedly when the first screen displays.
  2. Click Advanced Options .
  3. Press and hold the Alt key, press the D key, and then release the keys.
    A window with a command prompt (C:\minint\system32) opens.
  4. If the computer does not have a memory card reader, type the following: d:
    If the computer has a memory card reader, type the following: h:
  5. Press Enter and type the following at the D:\> or H:\> prompt: cd windows
  6. Press Enter and type the following at the D:\Windows> or H:\Windows> prompt: cd creator
  7. Press Enter and type the following command exactly as it is shown here (including quotation marks and space): "CD Creator.exe"
  8. Press Enter and click Start Creation or NEXT (depending on your computer). If you do not see either of these selections, press the Enter key on the keyboard to start the Recovery CD Creator program.
  9. When the recovery CD creator program begins, follow the directions to create the Recovery CD set.


Let me know if this works. never knew it was possible because noone ever asked that before. Kudos to you for the question

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Re: (Pavilion dv2000 vista) How to create recovery disks from comand console

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I tried that and there is no "/Windows/Creator" directory in my recovery partition.  I was thinking maybe the file and directory got renamed and/or moved for later models (this paricular one is dv2911us).  I have also searched around through various directories and haven't found any "CD Creator.exe" excecutable; that's not to say it doesn't exist, I just haven't seen it in my seaching... there's lots of directories.




Just got this reply from HP email help (the most helpfull of all HP "contact us" methods):


Jim, thank you for writing back to us.


Jim, to keep you informed, the recovery disc have a time period of 90 days from the date of purchase of notebook for its creation. However, if you try to create them after the said time period, you may experience problems. The same rule applies in case of new hard drive.

I am afraid that there is no command console available to initiate creation of recovery discs. Even though the recovery partition seems to be fully functional, it is in the hard drive only. The executable files named "CD creator.exe" is just an image.


Though there are third party software available for recovery disc, however they would eventually create problems as the hard drive has failed.


Considering the present situation, we recommend that you replace the hard drive and  purchase new recovery disc.


I regret for the inconvenience.


Also I find it somewhat humorous that last night when I called tech support, the lady I spoke to said the new hard drive would cost 400some dollars!  I figure that's the cost she came up with based on the price of the OS and other software included on the drive.  Anyways, next I asked her what it would cost to just send it in and have them repair the laptop, and she said it would be 300some dollars! LOL It took all I had not to start laughing.  Then when I told her thanks for the help and that she'd answered all my questions, she tried to sell me a new laptop! I said no thanks and she tried again! I mean holy crap! It's just a freeking hard drive! Anyways I'm glad I took the time to email them and get a responce from someone who knew what they were doing.



Guess that just means it's on to attempting step two (see original post).

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Re: (Pavilion dv2000 vista) How to create recovery disks from comand console

I could be totally wrong about this but I have had some success on making new recovery disks.  I had an operating system that did not have the software to create the recovery disks.  It had a recovery partition but it could not be used by pushing the usual F10 button method.  So with that being said the one way that I was able to make recovery disks was quite simple.


First thing to do is if you are at least able to run windows then you need to start up windows

Navigate to the "My Computer"  Icon and click it

Now at the top of that window you need to click tools

Now click folder options

Click view

Now you want to make sure that you un-check the boxes that say "Hide System Files" or "View Hidden Files"

After that is done click ok and exit

Now you should be able to see the hidden drive in the My Computer Window.


What you want to do is navigate through the recovery drive there and make sure not to change anything.

What you want to look for is a folder that is named something along the lines of "Apps" or "Applications"

If you find the folder that contains the applications then you begin the process of clicking on the zip files to un-zip them.

Eventually one of them will be the program that you need to create the system recovery disks!

After I un-zipped the files I found the hp software in the C: drive in a folder called HP.

I opened the program and presto it worked and now I have new recovery disks!


Hope this helps!  It is easy but take a little work.  HP says that you have to order new recovery disks but you dont!!!!  So why waste the $20 or $30!!!

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Re: (Pavilion dv2000 vista) How to create recovery disks from comand console

work for me, to recovery factory default, without recovery disk.

active for primary boot, the partition name "RECOVERY"

this boot, auto start the recovery manager


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