System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!! (99043 Views)
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System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

A virus from has attacked my son's notebook. Cannot connect to the internet. Windows system restore has no recovery points and I can't enter a prior date. No CD drive for a recovery disk. Can't perform restore from startup in Safe mode - F8 is not working.


Does this model have a recovery process similar to what is available on the HP desktops? Don't see anything under Start > HP or a PC Help & Tools tab. Are there any other solutions? Can I change the configuration in the services menu for System Recovery? Right now, it says Startboot > Minimal.

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

You should be able to access the restore features during reboot.


I believe its the F11 on most  HP products, but you will see something along the lines of "Select boot options - Press *Button*". After that just follow the prompts. Just so you're aware, it will erase all your data.

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

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Download, install and check Your system with:


a) Nod32 trial


b) Spybot - Search and destroy

    Download from there first and install Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2.

    When You will do that download and install Detection updates.

    Informations how to install and use Spybot You will find here.


c) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.44


If You may enter this forum then You may download this programs and just copy them on Your mini with flash drive without any problems.


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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

I have the same problem with my nieces mini.  I have Malwarebytes, AVG, and Glary Utilities already installed on this machine, ( these were in place when infection occurred ).  The virus or whatever is on it will either allow the software to run but race through the process providing a false " no problems found / you are protected ", or not allow it to run at all.  I tried loading Spybot Search & Destroy , and a fresh install of Malwarebytes on my flash drive and installing but virus will not allow EXE. to run.  Please help if you can, I have a sad little girl on my hands.

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

It`s F6 at startup for factory restore on HP Mini 110.

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!


For malwarebytes to run , you need to run th emachine in safe mode. Restart the machine and hit F8 , select option safe mode with networking and then run the scan .


Secondly if you still cannot go online .. post the error 



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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

There are two ways to access Roxio BackOn Track to recovery the computer, either through the boot menu, or through the Windows Start menu.
Access Roxio BackOn Track using the boot menu if computer cannot access Windows.
You can use the boot menu to restore your computer to a previous working state or to return the computer to the state it was in before the last time it was restored.
  1. Press the power button to turn on the HP Mini.
  2. Press and hold down the f6 key to open the Windows Boot Manager, use the down arrow key to select Roxio BackOnTrack , and then press the enter key to open Roxio BackOn Track.
Access Roxio BackOn Track using the Windows Start menu if computer can boot into Windows.
If you can access Windows, in addition to restoring your computer to a previous working state, you use other options, such as Disaster Recovery.
  1. Click Start , All Programs , Roxio , BackOnTrack , and then BackOnTrack Home to open Roxio BackOn Track.

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

Hi! My HP-Mini Notebook was infected by a malware. I tried to use the Roxio Backtrack by pressing F6 on my boot up and it works but when I opened my notebook again it was said that "System Restore and Roxio Backtrack are currently on at the same time, you should turn off you Roxio now to continue with the restore". I did because I thought that it was okay and to avoid conflicts. Then I shut down my notebook then when I tried to open it again, my notebook does not boot up the OS and I cannot also use the Roxio Backtrack. F6 is not working and it only gave me a black screen with a cursor. Please help me if you have answers. Thank you!
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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

i wont to re instal my mini hp 110

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Re: System restore for HP Mini 110 HELP!!

My hp mini 110 had a virus & when I scanned with avast anti virus it asked to restart, now won't power up at all. If I hold f8 or f11 while pressing the power button it does nothing so I can't get into safe mode or system recovery. I just have a black screen with flashing cursor in left hand corner.
Advice needed please! I can literally not get past the black screen at the moment :smileysad:
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