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The Fingerprint reader is not connected

i have the same problem on my hp pavilion dv6 model number 3130sa notebook pc and  operating system is windows 7 ultimat 32bit.Please be good enough to help me.i love this technology but i don't no how to use it.several times i been trying to install this driver                              from hp but it's not working.


Please friends help me

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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

Install Fingerprint software from here

Read instructions from below link fo configure fingerprint on your Notebook

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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

Dear kamat_hp,


First of all i like to thank you for sending me a solution and spending your valuable time for my problem


Sorry sir when I'm installing this software it obtaining a massage This installation page is not supported by this Processor type. contact your product vendor.


hope your reply

best regdz 

Thanking you 


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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

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Hey Bilesh,


Try this Digitial Persona from the HP ftp site - it's for 32bit.

I used this on HDX 18t running Windows 7 Ultimate - 32bit.

The cva file says it will run on a dv6.


Now, when you get it installed, you'll need to set it up like you are going to use it -

then (while it's open)  go to Get Latest Updates --> Check Now for software updates


There will be one more update out there for you - this will be 4.11 (the last available update in the world).

Install THAT one and you'll be good to go.


You'll need the older Validity Sensor driver with it, which you may already have in place.


I hope this helps.

Ask if you need more assistance!



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BTW:  If the 32bit version does not work, then please check to make sure you are indeed running 32bit OS on your computer.

Control Panel > show by icon> System -->  Look for your system information on the page...

If you need it, the 64bit version of Digital Persona is here



The 64bit version is rated for a dv6 64 bit windows 7 system per the cva description file.

This version will also need the update to "4.11" as described above.


Good Luck!


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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

thank you very much it's working Thanks again for for help all of u for trying to help me. I highly appreciate ur helps.


God bless

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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

I received the same message.:womanfrustrated:

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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

 I think my solution will work for most laptops with Biometric Devices not being detected in windows. In my case, it's windows 7 ultimate. It's mostly related to the services getting disabled because of either security updates or system optimization. Anyhow, just follow the steps below and I hope this also works for you.


1. Download all the latest Fingerprint Sensor Drivers and related software specific to your device.


2. Uninstall your Biometric Devices and Simplepass drivers and applications. You can do the first one by going to Start>Control Panel>Device Manager>Right click on Biometric Device and Select Uninstall. (include the software driver). For the Simplepass, Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features>HP Simplepass>Uninstall (dont delete the identity profiles if you wanna save your passwords).


3. Now for the Services. Make sure you follow the path and set all of the services to "Automatic". You can do this by going to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services.

Double click on ALL (although you have to do this one at a time) the services listed below and change the "Startup type" to Automatic.

-Credential Manager

-Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

-DCOM Server Process Launcher

-RPC Endpoint Mapper

-Windows Biometric Service

-Plug and Play

**you don't have to follow the order above should some services gives an error when you're setting it.

Once done, reboot.


4. Install the updated biometric driver first and then the simplepass software (Simplepass 2012 at the time of this writing).


5. Go to Start>Control Panel>Biometric Devices>Change Biometric Settings. Make sure "Biometrics On" is selected and "Allow users to Log on to Windows..." is checked if you want to login to Windows using the sensor. Once done, reboot.


6. Test and configure the sensor and application. Enjoy.

**If the sensor is not displayed upon Windows boot-up, click on "switch user" to show the option to login to Windows using the sensor.


Hope this helps!

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Re: The Fingerprint reader is not connected

FIx my problem with Fingerprint reader. Thank you.

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