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dv3 factory reset.

dv3-2055ea says uiadump32.exe stopped working and my factory reset haults. Any ideas.

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Re: dv3 factory reset.



Are you running the reinstallation of your operating system from the Recovery Partition on your Hard Drive or from your Recovery DVDs?


Do you have a set of Recovery DVDs?


Which operating system are you trying to reinstall?






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Re: dv3 factory reset.

Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry, more information is always needed!


Im trying to reinstall my opperating system from the recovery partition on the hard drive.The laptop didn't come with any discs. Im running windows vista home premium (well trying to).


I run through the recovery software - formats the drive and installs whatever it does. Then after a few automatic restarts and 'loading hp software' i get the error.

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Re: dv3 factory reset.



I would check the Hard Disk before going any further.

Boot the system and tap F10 to go into setup / BIOS - then go under Diagnostics and run the Hard Drive test.

Hopefully the Hard Drive is OK and you do not need a replacement.

Either way you will need to get a HP factory Recovery Media Set - this is available under warranty by calling HP Support - 1800 HP Invent.  If the HArd Drive fails, you will recieve recovery media with the HDD.





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Re: dv3 factory reset.

Hi i will try the HDD tool. However while waiting for a solution i have stuck a copy of vista home premium on the laptop working fine - its just easier for me to get a factory reset and then remove anything i dont want than try to get what i want installed (hp software wise) on a basic install.



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Re: dv3 factory reset.

Hi i did see this on the hp website:


NOTE: If any of the hard drive partitions has been modified or aditional partitions have been created, it is possible that the recovery system cannot boot or the recovery discs cannot be created.


I had created a D partition on the hard drive for storage, could this be the problem? I have since deleted this partition and the C partition with a vista boot cd. But now i cant get into the recovery mode. Any ideas?




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Re: dv3 factory reset.

Ok so i made the recovery partition active and booted into the recovery software. Thinking that the remainging hard drive was the same size as when i got the laptop (ie not split into two drives) that it would run ok. But im still getting the error message. Do i just cave and get the recovery cd's from hp?

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Re: dv3 factory reset.

Having looked at the cost of the recovery disc i am a little annoyed; paying £35 for some disc that i only need as the recovery process is not working seems a bit unfair. Any more ideas to try? What is uiadump32 and can i replace the file in the partition from a download?



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Re: dv3 factory reset.



i am new on this forum,


i had some problem with my laptop HP DV 6.

i tray to restor factory configurations via the recovery manager and D partition i have also the recovery DVDs, but did not work propely.

first of all after the sequenze was eneded the first messegage I get is

This version of c / rm/rm/recoveryMgr.exe is not compatible with the version of  Windows you are running . check  your-s computer system information to see wheter you need a x86 32 bit or x64  64 bit version of the program, and then contact the softwer publisher.


the second messagge when come up the windows of installation is uiadump32/exe has stop working.

at this point i can select  find a solution on line at next restart or close the program.

consider that at moment i dont have any access to window 7. at the moment i-m using a Usb pen with Ubuntu 11.04 to run PC and aces to internet.

my PC data is CNF942545K PRODUCT VS037EA ABZ MODEL DV6-1350SL.


Please Help me i am desperate..... i am thing to delete window and use ony Ubuntu

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