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tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

I've got a Touchsmart tm2-1010ea which worked flawlessly with Windows 7.   However i recently decided to upgrade to Windows8, you know, given the TM2 is a touch screen and all...


However i wish i hadn't bothered....There are no video drivers for the Catalyst so the machine is stuck with the integrated graphics.  What was once a pretty decent PC that i used for some fairly demanding stuff it has now been relegated to a fancy netbook.


C'mon HP pull your finger out and get some Windows 8 drivers out for this laptop.  It should be in it's element with Windows 8 but frankly it can't keep up with when just relying on the integrated graphics.



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Re: tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

Here is the driver download link:


This AMD Catalyst™ driver version features Windows® 8 support for the AMD Radeon™ HD 4000, HD 3000 and HD 2000 series. Please note that the driver is not Microsoft® logo certified and only supports WDDM 1.1 driver level features. Package contains the following graphics drivers: Display Driver (WDDM 1.1) OpenCL™ Driver AMD Integrated Driver AMD Catalyst Control Center

I am an HP employee.


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Re: tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

Hi Vidya,


Thanks for the response.  I had already tried the legacy drivers, but gave them another go.  Same result


The Radeon fails to start.  Device manager show "This device cannot start. Code (10)"


I have spent the last 6-8 weeks scouring the web for solutions for this. Installed, uninstalled, and resinstalled that many drivers that it's beyond a joke. There appears to be no solution to this problem, and I feel HP have abandoned users who bought what was a fairly radical and ground breaking machine only a couple of years ago.


I am finally loosing patience with the whole wintel arena and about to pop-off and buy myself a new MacBook Pro with Retina, never to darken Windows doors again.......

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Re: tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

Hello AndyS_1967.  

Try installing the Windows 7 driver in Compatibility Mode.  This document can show you how to use Compatibility Mode.

Let me know how it goes.  Have a lovely evening! 

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Re: tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

Hey Zac. Thanks for the feedback, however this was one the first things I'd tried. This does seems to be a known issue and big trawl of the net produced dozens of threads on the subject. Suggestions have revolved around using compatibility mode, using legacy drivers, third party drivers etc all of which failed.
BUT I think I've fixed it. In shear desperation I went back and started installing ALL the last release windows drivers for everything.

When I installed a 2010? Release of the chipset drivers the integrated GPU kicked into life.

As this was working I created a restore point and carried on, however after installing the latest ATI legacy driver it stopped again.

A quick restore and everything worked fine. Even noticed power switching works (e.g. Unplug the power cord and the machine automatically switched to integrated graphics to save battery, plug back in and it switches back)

So fingers crossed my TM2 is now running Windows 8 and is working on the ATI Radeon 4500 without problems.

And boy, what a difference it makes. Under integrated graphics the tiles were visibly being drawn infront of your eyes. Under the dedicated graphics they are instant. Windows 8 is a whole new experience!

Might look at updating the (already pretty fast) 7200rpm HDD to a 256SDD now, and really see this thing really fly

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Re: tm2-1010ea and Windows 8

Para 2 should have said "last release windows 7 drivers"..
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