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My internal microphone is not working

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HP Pavilion dv7 Laptop / OS Windows 7 64-bit / No changes made to system before issue.


My internal microphone dos not work, this was noted when trying to use Skype.  Please help?



Found solution


Internal Microphone


WINDOWS-7 HomePrem


-Control Panel

-Hardware and Sound


-Select Recording (TAB)

-Right Click on the Integrated Microphone Array (Select Configure Speech Recognition) in may Notebook PC it is (Integrated Microphone Array IDT High Definition Audio CODC)

-Select set up microphone

-select other (follow steps to finish)






-Audio Settings

-Microphone use pull down menu select same microphone as in WIN-7 (Integrated Microphone Array IDT High Definition Audio CODC)


Good to go.

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Re: My internal microphone is not working

i have tried this and mine still does not work. i have even went to the trouble shooting and it can not detect a problem and it just stop working out of nowhere. please help i've tried everything!

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Re: My internal microphone is not working

The exact thing happened to me three weeks ago. Both internal mic and camera quite for no apparent reason. I've seen a lot of similar posts about this problem and haven't found a solution. Called HP tech support and they updated bios, drivers, etc. and nothing has worked. They want me to send it in for hardware repair but that would leave me without a computer for weeks and it would be set back to factory defaults so I'd have to spend hours getting everything back on it. From the amount of posts I'm reading, looks like it is a flaw HP has. So frustrated. 

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Re: My internal microphone is not working

Just fixed it! Tech support was useless and there was no option but giving up my work computer for over a week.

Give this a try...I had the same thing with webcam also not working. Opened the bevel (screen front), and tapped the connector wire to the all of a sudden registered imaging devices as per this post and microphone is up and running. Is a problem with certain models.
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Re: My internal microphone is not working

Hi All,


Please provide us the complete model of your system along with the operating system, so that we can assist you in a better way.

How to locate model number:





I am an HP employee.

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Re: My internal microphone is not working

HP Pavillion dv6



Model: dv6-1350us

Windows 7 (64-bit)


I tried EVERYTHING so far but to no avail and I am getting really frustrated.

Yesterday my microphone was working perfectly, and all week long I was using Skype to communicate with friends and family; I am working in China as of right now and it is the only method of communcation I have with them.  

When the mic stopped working today, I searched frantically for an answer.  I tried Windows Diagnostics, downloaded the newest Windows updates, checked the forums, etc.  I can't figure it out!  Why so difficult?

It's not Skype.  It's the microphone.  Windows does not recognize it on sound tests.  This all happened so suddenly, too.

Please help.


- Ian


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Re: My internal microphone is not working

Hi. Am not sure if this will help.

My microphone was working until I tried to install Skype onto my Pavilion DV5000

Skype didn't like my existing browser so I updated to internet explorer 8 and also Google Crome.

Skype then installed fine. I then discovered that my microphone was no longer functioning.

I knew the hardware was ok (as it had been working shortly beforehand) So I suspected the sound card driver.

I tried to search HP for the correct driver but was baffled by the number available and had a few failed attempts.


I persisted with the laptop itself and found the following fix.


Start  -  control panel  -  sound speech + audio  -  change the sound scheme  -  hardware  -  double click on the soundcard you have (mine was) "conexant high definition audio"  - select driver  -  update driver..


This automatically downloaded and installed the correct driver and everything works just fine.


hope it helps 

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Re: My internal microphone is not working

i am having the same problem with my hp dv7-6b77dx laptop..

please give me some solution..

i alresy tried all the given above...

thank you..

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My internal microphone is not working


Try the steps listed in this document from HP.

Please report what happens with each of the solutions it presents.

In partiuclar, please report the behavior and results from the Using Windows Sound Recorder to test the microphone section of the document.

Let me know what happens.
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Re: My internal microphone is not working

I know the problem has something to do with the IDT High Definition Audio driver but can't seem to get it to work consistently.  After Christmas, I got the Integrated Microphone to work but still was not able to get it to work with Skype.   Recently tried it again, and now back to internal microphone not working again.  Spent over 4 hours with customer support with no luck. Best advice regarding this issue, save your time and spend the money - buy a headset.  There are several threads about the microphone not working and none of them have a solution.

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