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Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem

Product: Hp Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

Product number: QE068UA#ABA

Windows 7 64-bit


Hello, so here's my problem. This laptop is only three days old, and I already have an issue. So what's happening is that like the audio transmitting is having a problem. I 95% use headphones, and the audio works fine with headphones. BUT, what happened earlier today was that I was just listening to some songs and then I got a skype call, and right as I started talking, the audio was messed up. The person's voice played through the headphones, but my computer sound (the song) started playing through the computer and not the headphones. Then, I tried to unplug my headphones and plug them back in, but then it still didn't work. The only way it worked was if I held the headphones like half way into the jack. So basically, I can't really talk to any person over the computer without the computer's audio being switched and messed up. Any help would be nice. Thanks!

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem

I got 100% the same problems. When I plug in my headphones and skype, everything is ok. But when I start a pc game while skyping, only the skype voice comes over the headset. Game audio goes through the laptop speakers and the person, who I skype with, can hear all my ingame sound.  

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem

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Same thing with mine, now if i put my headphones partially in they work fine. If I put em all the way in , the external volume works and without my headphones, the volume doesn't work at all.


If anyone finds a solution to this problem please contact me via email [Personal Information Removed]

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem

Yes babster same exact thing. This is very annoying

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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem

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Welcome to the forum.

Try this and see if it helps.


 Right Click on your Sound icon on your TaskBar and get into the Volume Option Controls.


Check the boxes for your sound devices.

Click OK



Now, click on the sound icon and see that you'll have sound control for your devices showing up next to each other - there will be a line across them.  If you adjust the main sound device, everything goes with it, adjust the other one(s), it/they adjust alone.


Adjust the checked boxes and the sliders to get what you want.




Sound --> Playback --> Speakers and Headphones --> Properties --> Advanced

I think you'll have to use the "Exclusive Mode" setting under the Advanced tab to keep one application (over another) from grabbing the sound control.  I don't know which application would have priority (or which one you'd prefer under which circumstances) - I do believe this is where you will gain control over what is happening when, for example, you are in a skype session using the headphones and start a game session that would (I suppose) use the speakers on the notebook (or external speakers, depending on your setup.)  See the graphics at the bottom.


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See "Communications" graphics at bottom



Note that you can play with a variety of other sound settings (without doing any damage) to increase listening pleasure.  Just go slow and check between changes to make sure you don't do too much too fast.


Beware of "Enhancements"

For example: The Loudness Equalization may make one song sound clean and strong, it might muffle and strangle the next song and make it difficult to hear. This is the opposite of what it is desired to do.  If desparate, try it - if it works, use it, else turn it OFF.





The right click on the Sound Icon:



The Volume Control Options:



Resulting Options:



"Exclusive Mode"    Check or UnCheck to control how this device behaves!







There is a setting in Sound called "Communications" - if you use your notebook to make phone calls, you may want to adjust that setting as well as the others.


Right Click on your Sound Icon --> Click on "Volume Mixer" --> Click on the little icon under the word "Applications"

volume_control_options_5.PNG  volume_control_options_6.PNG

Good Luck!


I hope this helps you!




Kind Regards,
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Re: Pavilion dv6 notebook Audio problem (2Mhz 2 core)

I have the same problem, I suddenly disappears PC sound after work I turned off the computer and when I came back and turned on, there is not sound. For two weeks now I have tried all the solutions, nothing helped. I Have tried to do all the suggested giving me the forum but nothing helped.
I'm sure it's a driver problem but I do not know what the solution is.
My application is VISTA. same laptop as in the subject, pc is product 2008-2009
Who can help I thank him very much.

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