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F8 key on Hp Pavilion not working

I need to do a system restore since upgrading Itunes and loosing my entire library and playlists. A normal system restore iw not working and gives me an error at the end saying it was not able to do the system restore. I tried one more time by truning off Norton Firewall and anti-virus auto protect thinking it was the Norton software that did not allow for the system restore option to complete. After turning them off and doing a system restore again it gave me the same error so I figure it's not the Norton.


Then I tried to do an F8 before start up to go in the safe mode and I get a loud BEEP when I press the F8 key so windows Vista on the HP Pavilion is not allowing me to use the F8 key to get into the safe mode to execute a restore point prior to my dowloading at the request of Itunes the new version I did today.


Please let me know if there is something different with the HP Pavilion and F8 key to go into safe mode or is there another way I don't know.


All help welcome.



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Re: F8 key on Hp Pavilion not working

Hey Myra, 


I'm sorry to hear you lost your library. That's always a bummer. Hopefully, you can get it back with the restore. 


There are a couple of other ways to get into Safe Mode. 


Option A. 

1. Power down the computer by hold the Power button while the computer is on and Windows is up, say, on the Desktop. Just hold the Power button until it shuts down.

2. Give it a few seconds. Then press the Power button again to turn it back on.

3. You should get the Windows Error Recovery screen which gives you Safe Mode options. The Windows Error Recovery Screen usually comes up every time the computer is shutdown improperly like this. If it doesn't come up, just keep powering it down by holding the Power button until it does.


Option B.

In Windows, click the Start button. 

2. Type 'msconfig'

3. On the General tab, it will be set to Selective Startup already. That is the "norm" or default. Change it to Diagnostic Startup and click Apply.

4. It will prompt you to restart. Go ahead and restart. It should load into Safe Mode after the restart. 

5. Once you're done with the Restore or you want to put it back into Normal mode you'll have to follow the same procedure and change it back to Selective Startup with 'Load system services' and 'Load startup items' both checked/selected.



I hope this helps! Let me know the results when you get a chance Smiley Happy



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