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My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

My computer is a HP Pavilion dv4-1123us Entertainment Notebook Pc. Whenever I use any program that increases the computer cpu usage to around 40%, the fan will start running constantly from a little sound to very loud noise. I thought that his was caused by some program so I bought recovery disks to recover the computer back to original factory condition. Although I tried, it didn't not solve the problem at all. I also though it is because of the Bios so I updated that too. I have not experienced this at all when I bought it, but I experienced after several months. Is it because of the Intel Chipset when I forgot to install it and when the laptop got very hot? Is it because of the Bios because I updated it wrong? Please help me solve it.

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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

Your fan is coming on when your CPU hits around 40%, huh?

Did you know CPUs get very, very hot?  And when they are being used, they start getting hotter.

So when your CPU usage goes up, your fan starts working to cool it down.

  My desktop's CPU fan runs constantly, and it has better ventilation than your ntoebook.

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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

the fan in your computer is constantly running to cool down the cpu and it is normal for it to increase it's speed, your fan should run quietly even it increases the rpm. But if you hear a loud noise in the fan, i think there's something wrong with it. I suggest for you to check the fan if it's coming in contact with anything. If the fan is visible while your laptop is operating, you can observe it to know what is really happening. I don't know what type of fan hp uses on their laptops, maybe something is loose already on the fan so better check it or bring it to an hp service center.
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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

Fan activity increasing after some months of use could also indicate that airflow has become restricted.About once a month I use compressed air to clean all external openings including fan grill of dust,etc.

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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

Nice posts

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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

wow, so many post. Well, if "whosoever reads this"'s fan on the laptop is constantly spinning high there are a few things to consider.

1. Your cpu's thermo grease could be getting worn out.

2. Your fan is not that great and I would highly suggest either bringing it to HP's attention provided your laptop is still under warranty.

3. You are running (let's say) high performance games (not apps because I do alot of programming in vs 2008/2010 and never get to 70c), and need to lower your cpu frequency to lower your heat generation and lower your gpu because your gpu and cpu do use the same heat sink.

4. Even if you are on a flat surface (not on cloth or anything that can absorb the heat but rather push is away like a desktop, varnished wood, etc...), you have a build up of dust blocking the vents which will cause your fan to work harder.  Clean it out.


And if all these things are heeded, next get you a laptop  mat with a fan or two to help keep the underneath cool. Remember,

ram does generate heat too and if your ram is close to your cpu or gpu, they will feel the affect.



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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

I have the same problem.  I just worked with an HP Tech and he instructed me to get out my hair blow dryer and the the dryer on low and blow into the fan area. ???????????????? It felt wrong...and the problem is not fixed


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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

I had own 3 HP notebooks:



EliteBook 2530

G7 1150US


HP has poor thermal solution design. It makes all my HP notebook have the same issue. Fan constant running even you just run windows without any application. With the aging of your machine, the noise becoming louder until you bought new one.


had DV5000, which work fine when it was new. However after two years use, it's noise become unacceptable level, I had to change to Dell Laptop. (Dell laptop is much cool and quiet than HP's)


I have HP2530. It use cheap fan, when I bought it, the first thing I did is change setting in bios to make the fan only spin when it necessary, this will prolong the fan life. Also reduce the noisy time.


Recently I bought G7 1150, about half price of my first HP laptop. The fan is cheap than zv5000 but better than EliteBook 2530p. If have more buck, I will prefer Dell's studio of core2. They really quite when you just writing something with word.


A better substitute of HP 1150us, will be Dell Inspiron 15R-2nd Gen. They are similar price ($450 to $500) and config. But dell's has more recent features than HP:

1. 15" screen instead of 17"

2.  Better feeling of keyboard

3. 2nd generation of i3 2310 vs 1st generation of i3-370M (performance are same with bench mark)

4. widi support

5. running less noise and heat when runing light load

6. usb 3.0 vs usb2.0

7. Bluetooth vs none on HP

8. Weight are similar. Dell 6.3/HP 6.1 pond


Pos       Model                                       L2 Cache +L3 Cache TDP (Watt) MHz -Turbo Cores /Threads 3DMark06 CPU Cinebench R10 32Bit Single Cinebench R10 32Bit Multi Cinebench R11.5 64Bit SuperPI 1M* SuperPI 32M* wPrime 32 wPrime 1024 66  Intel Core i3 2330M 512KB + 3MB 35 2200 2/4                 78  Intel Core i3 370M512KB + 3MB 35 2400 2/4


79  Intel Core i3-2310M512KB + 3MB 35 2100 2/4





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It's possible to increase the speed of my laptop it's a hp pavilion pc ?

It's possible to increase the speed of my laptop it's a hp pavilion pc ?

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Re: My computer's computer fan runs constantly?

Isn't the fan supposed to run constantly and speed up when the computer is being worked harder?

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