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SimplePass and Google Chrome

After a ridiculous phone call to HP Support, I decided to ask here.  Is there a compatibility issue with HP SimplePass and Google Chrome? If so, is there an update to correct?  Thanks!



Pavilion DM4T Notebook

Windows 7 Home Premium

Google Chrome 6.0.472.63

HP SimplePass

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

SimplePass is not compatible with Google Chrome... You can to know the reason why on this link...

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

Thanks.  I now understand that it is not compatible from everyone except the folks who built and sold me the device.  Now, how do we get some idea of HP's stance on this?  It appears that it is a software issue on HP / egistec side of things.  Can't they simply state that they know it is an issue and they do (or do not) have plans to correct it.  I just bought this laptop and have to say the support / information available is sad.  Heck, while trying to figure this out today, I realized that the model # on my invoice is different from the model # I actually received.  That may or may not be an issue but it seems to go along with everything else I've learned from HP today.

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

Go here to download most recent simplepass directly from authentec. 

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

SimplePass is great.  If only it worked!!!

With MS Explorer at least it worked part-time.  With Google Chrome ... not at all.  And btw, I would NEVER go back to using Explorer.  Slow, crashes, all kinds of of issues.  So HP ... are you going to make SimplePass (or something like it) work with Google Chrome or what?  If not, this will be my LAST HP computer...and I've had MANY of them.


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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

Hey all, 


In my research for another thread, I came across this thread. Please see the following links for information on how to fix the SimplePass Chrome issue you are experiencing Smiley Happy


HP SimplePass Does Not Work In Google Chrome


HP Simplepass issue [with Google Chrome] - Marked Solved




Also, these two Authentec Support documents provide some useful steps


Website Log On feature doesn't work anymore


HP SimplePass keeps crashing with Chrome



I hope this information helps! Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

Try the Torch Browser. It's basically Google Chrome with added features. It works just the same as Chrome, uses your bookmarks, settings, extensions, etc., and SimplePass does work, I tested it with multiple sites and it worked each time.

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

Yes, I have noticed SimplePass doesn't work with Chrome, which is very ironic. Perhaps MS and HP are in cahoots together for this very reason to force you to use it on IE. Remember, one can write code on purpose to make something not compatible with some other program just for whatever reason, and that is why they won't fix it. 

I also wasn't surprised of reading that you posted here that your computer did not match your invoice.  Not only does ship you the wrong paperwork with your computer, they also ship you the wrong computer to Costco. shipped the right model number to my brother, but the serial numbers did not match the invoice, therefore he had a hard time getting a rebate over the web, and it took a month to fix it and many hours on the phone.  Costco sells a k027c AIO and the computer we got in that box was a K039, which is a better computer, so you can't complain about that one. LOL However, HP seems to screw up, as far as with our experience 66% of the time by having the wrong computers in the box.  This may be a problem when you go to collect on your warranty or if you have to return it to the store cause they will say, "YOU SWITCHED computers". Perhaps this is a scam by HP so they can get rid of their computers and not have to fix them, you ever wonder?

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Re: SimplePass and Google Chrome

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