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SimplePass won't recognize any logon screen

I just bought my DV7-4273US two days ago.  I'm trying to use the SimplePass scanner in Firefox version 4.0.1.  It doesn't seem to recognize any logon screen -- or at least the ones I use all the time and would like to make work with this -- Facebook and eBay.  What's the problem here?  if this stupid thing works only with IE (which I never use), I will be so angry, because the fingerprint scanner was one of the reasons I chose this model.


Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

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Re: SimplePass won't recognize any logon screen

It was working fine with firefox until I upgraded to 4.0.1 a few days ago.  It's something specific to the version.  Hopefully the fix it soon.  I don't us IE unless I have to, either.

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Re: SimplePass won't recognize any logon screen

Well it looks like I'm having the same problem..Once upon a time the simple pass icon used to present itself and I had a small number of websites keyed into it. Then one day the icon no longer presented. I can logon to my laptop but cannot find Simple Pass beyond that first usage.


Having gone into HP simple Pass's preferences and what not I did find and re-check the box for SP login prompt. I have not been able to get it to recognize any login page, new or old.

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Re: SimplePass won't recognize any logon screen

I have the same issue. Brand New PC- simple pass works to get me on pc but after more simple pass. It worked for a couple of days. Simple Pass is one of the reasons I bought this pc..........looks like this pc is going back where it came I come


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Re: SimplePass won't recognize any logon screen

You might try this first:


You did not say which OS, I have to assume Windows 8 because that is the standard now...


  • If you have not done so, make a backup of your webcards (passwords / database):

Start SimplePass > Settings > Export     NOTE:  File will be named *.tsd



Repair the SImplePass Software:

Control Panel > Programs and Features >

Look for this program:

Right-Click on HP SimplePass
Select "Repair"


  • Restart / Reboot your computer



Hard Reset... This is probably not the issue since the main logon still works.  It won't hurt and it will clear any lingering hardware "misconfiguration" issues...


You can skip this if you wish...



The Hard Reset:

This method works for a variety of Driver connection and ‘stuck’ program issues.


  • Shut down the computer
  • Disconnect all external devices - everything.
  • Remove AC power
  • Remove the Battery...

          NOTE:  If you do not have a removable battery - skip this and ...


  • Press and hold power button for at least 30 seconds
  • Reinstall the AC power cord for first startup ** See Note
  • Power on - Log in
  • Next time you shut down the system, reinstall battery.

** Note:  If time is short, reinstall battery the first time and be done with it.



Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues





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