Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580 (12718 Views)
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Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

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This is my first post in this forum. I have always been a fan of HP products. I recently got an HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One printer from a garage sale for $5. I figured I couldn't beat that deal, even if it doesn't work. They weren't sure if it worked, and it didn't come with anything except the printer itself, not even the power cable.


I plugged it in for the first time today, using a power plug from my other HP Printer, and it started to boot up but then the screen went blue and an error code showed up on it. The error code only flashes for a breif moment, but I am pretty sure it reads "07564DD5" and then after that it just goes to a white screen and  the power button, red eye removal button, print photos button, along with the orange status light (next to the magnifier button) are all flashing.


I am not sure if this printer is beyond hope, or if it is recoverable. I am pretty technically inclined with computers, I build my own and repair computers for friends and family, but I really don't know a whole bunch about printers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

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I have reviewed your issue and with the sympotms to me it seems it's a hardware malunction however a reset you can try but make sure that the steps I am going to provide you needs very attention in performing it.


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You can contact HP Support either online chat support or on phone number 1-800-474-6836 (US and Canada) for any kind of upgrade offers.



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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

I have a similar problem.  I left the printer unplugged for over a month.  Still when I plug it in I get different error codes each time.  Nothing lights up except the power key.


I tried your reset instructions 3 times to no avail.  The printer doesn't seem to know that I am pushing any buttons - it also will not turn off.  The only way to turn it off is to unplug it and the pc says that it is offline.


Is this a fixable issue?  I really love this printer.  If I must I will buy a new printer but I would sure like to just get this one working again!

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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

Getting the blue screen on the printer LCD with the on/off switch symbol and the error 824C1500. Get a new and different error message each time I unplug the printer, wait a minute or so and then re-plug it in. I responds to no button pushing and will not turn off at all. Is there a simple fix for this problem or is it a throw-away?

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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

The error code I was getting on start up was either 824C1500 then B03143A4.

Try removing the ink cartridges, wipe off the copper contacts (not the one on the bottom where the ink

comes out) with a dry paper towel, reinsert the cartridges let the printer recharge.

My printer hasn't failed since then.

HP was no help whatsoever..

I own a few businesses that have HP printers. If I have to replace any I''m going to give Brother printers a try.





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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

boo78660 on a bule screen

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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

Your information regarding reset for error code on HP Photosmart printer was removed on this post. Can you please email me with the link? I have a C55809 with a B800C6F8 error on Blue Screen...any help would be much appreciated.




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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

I get error messages such as 824c1500 and others like BAo783A8 or BO315A18, then it will work for a few minute after holding power button down for several (15 seconds or more)

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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580



I understand you are getting intermittent error codes on the printers display.


I would do a power reset to see if that will resolve the issue. With the printer still turned on disconnect the power cable from the back of the printer, then disconnect the power cable from wall outlet. Wait 10 seconds and reconnect the power cable back to the wall outlet first, then the back of the printer and power it on again.


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Re: Error Code on display screen - HP Photosmart C5580

I just wanted to confim that this suggestion of cleaning the copper contacts for the ink cartridge slots is worth trying before giving up and dumping your printer.  I had tried every suggestion I could find online to slove the blue screen error code issue for this printer and none of them were helpful.  I actually had my printer unplugged and ready to go out with the trash when I decided to take one last look online to make sure there really was nothing I could do.  This solved it.


Thanks a lot, rdtgg.  Such a simple solution but it saved me buying a new printer (not to mention the brand new ink I just bought for it).

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