Error processing HP Rewards
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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

Update - I finally got a case manager, but there is still no investigation or information about the broken rewards program. More promises to get back to me, but the links are still broken and the rewards claim site is still "unavailable".

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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

Hi lloh7, sorry about the experience you're having. I'll see if I can find out anything today, but I'm not too hopeful as most folks are on Christmas break. I'll be in touch as soon as I hear anything....



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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

I am having this problem as well.  What kind of reward is it if no one can collect?

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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

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Apparently HP closed this offer a long time ago, but have never got round to altering their software to remove the rewards offer. Silly - but that' s Hewlett Packard for you. You certainly need a reward for buying their branded cartridges. Apart from being expensive, the printer must use most of the ink up in it's never-ending cleaning cycles. Never had this problem with Brother machines, and they are just as good.
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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

Has anyone solved the "Redeem your HP Reward!" problem?!!?!? in the last few years?  I have four pop ups that wont go away?

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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

No, it has not been solved.


Basically printers are still being sold with software prompting for a defunct rewards program. It is literally impossible to get the rewards to work.


So when you get the popup, just decline the rewards. 


Strange that a company that had been in business for so many years would have a glitch like this. 


Don't bother calling customer service. They'll just be coy and pretend they've never heard of the problem, when a casual review of this forum proves they've been aware for years. They'll ask you to de-install then re-install your printer software, and otherwise completely waste your time. 


It's a discontinued program. You should be able to click on "no" for the rewards points.

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Re: Error processing HP Rewards

I fully second this comment.  I cannot believe how frequently I am having to buy new cartridges for my HP printer, and yet my Brother printer chugs along quite econonomically - and is several years older.  I will be 'dumping' my HP 7520 when my latest round of cartridges are used up.  The other atraction of the Brother printer is that I can get the cartridges refilled in my village.  Support local industry!  

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