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HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

When the my HP color laser jet 2600n print a page, it is no question if this is blank or colored, the paper show 2 vertical strips constiued for more parallel very thin lines.

One strip is large about 1.2 cm at 3,5 cm from the edge; the other is large about 0.5 cm at 4 cm from the opposit edges.

The color of the bands is primarily cyan - green.

The intensity of the strips is different from any print.

The problem is increased quickly.

The levels of any toners are about 45%.

The HP page print test for the toner cartige do not show any problem (however there are even the 2 verical strips).

The tranfer roller, after the printig proces, is no clean and present the sames strips above described.

I cleaned by a liquid soft cleaner the transfer roller and other part easily detachable and finding in this the presence of dirty then removed: any improvement.

I observe that the photosensitive drums of the cartrige toners (cyan e magenta) are not perfectly clean: it present traces of toner in corrispondence of the bands.


I think about a phenomenon of fat dirty  that has propagated from the rollerr to the drums.


Some other user has already found my problem?

Could I look for to resolve without resort to the after-sales service?


How to can eventually clean the drums?


Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you.


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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

1. take out all of the ink cartriges and look at the big black roller on the door for streaking, if streaking, clean with a lint free cloth dampened with windex (window cleaner) then close the door.

2. let it run to initializing.

3. open the door and look and the black roller on the door to see if you have streaking. If no streaking put one cartridge in and close the door and repeat the steps until you find what cartridge is causing the problem.


I did this and found that my cyan was creating the lines on my paper. I cleaned the cyan roller with a Qtip and some rubbing alcohol and it works fine now, no more lines on the paper.



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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

[ Edited ]

I bought my 2600n printer in 2006.  Last year, it started to print two vertical blue/green lines on every paper. 


I repeated the steps suggested by total1 and found the cyan cartridge caused the problem.


Thank you, total1.

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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

Thanks to the 01-04-2010 responder's recipe I also was able to fix my vertical stripe problem.  A little additional info: 1) don't be stingy with the rubbing alcohol on the cotton rag used to clean the four photoconductor (green) drums. 2) expect to go through half dozen full, clockwise rotations of the photoconductor drums (a 14mm socket wrench on the white, triangular knob on left hand side saves the fingers). It takes that many turns to get all the goop of the drums. Saved my 2600n.  Hope this helps others. 

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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

I too have vertical lines on my printed pages. I cleaned the drums on each toner cartridge as well as the film on the front door.

Even after a thorough alcohol cleaning the lines come back with each printing. All of my colors are producing vertical lines.

What else is there to clean?

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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

I followed the same instructions with a slight energetic twist.


I got a roll of paper towels, a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol, a 14mm 6-point socket with a drill adapter, a cordless drill and an extra pair of hands.


I set the drill to low speed clockwise-direction and had the other person basically hold the droll and the toner/drum casing with the drill on full time.


I then wet the paper towels with alcohol and proceded to hold the paper towel against the drum while moving back and forth very slowly, exchanging the paper towel for clean ones with more alcohol, until the drum was clean and then did about twenty revolutions just to make sure.


Cleaned my Cyan and Yellow toner/drum cartridges from completely horribad to perfect in about 5 minutes.


My 2600n prints like a dream all over again.  Thanks for the help guys!

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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

Many thanks!

I did it by hand, without a drill, and it worked fine.


I spent half an hour cleaning the green drums and the black roller on the fron door.

It's worth it!




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Re: HP color laserjet 2600n - printing problem.

Thank you previous repliers for this easy fix to the verticle line streaks. With the Windex cleaning of the xfer roller (sheet that turns on the front door) and the alcohol wipe of each individual image drum, my 2600n has new life. 99% of the streaks are gone. A 100% cannot be expected, as the wiper in each cartridge and the transfer surface have wear after approx. 2000 plus sheets of printing. Paper has an abrasiveness that does make these items consumables.


Majority of my streaks were cyan also.

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