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Computer Not reading printer

Hello all, I recently upgraded my computer from an epson(which installed/worked fine) to an HP photosmart c4210 all in one printer. The problem I am having starts at the install of the printer.


I follow all the steps in the manual, get to step 11 where it tells me to insert the disk, I do so. I then follow the instructions and get to the point where the install program tells me to "connect the usb cord from the printer to computer." The problem is that when I do this, my computer makes the tone indicating that I have just inserted a device into the usb slot, however, the 'next' button in order to get to the next step does not light up and become clickable (therefore leading me to believe that the program does not read the printer.)


I made sure that the printer was on before I inserted the USB cable. After trying to reconnect it numerous times I clicked the box beside the message saying "click this box if you are unable to connect your printer now, Hp will install the drivers and you will be able to connect later." After clicking the box the 'next' button lit up and I was able to finish installation.


After doing this and trying to print I found that I was unable to locate the printer on my computer. I am on vista and had to remove some registry files using regedit.exe in order to play the disk.


Has anyone had a similar problem to this? I did custom install as I don't like installing all the B.S. that usually comes with programs nowadays.. I was very careful to keep all the useful things that the printer should need to run so I don't see how this could be a problem. The only thing that I didn't install is the 'customer care' or something to that effect which states it connects now and then while you are online but 'doesn't slow processes too much' and gives 'enhanced technical support'..


I have been working on this for hours and am very tired, this is kindof my last ditch effort before I go to bed. Tomorrow I'll check to see if anyone has a solution to this or a quick fix of some sort which would be nice :smileytongue:. If not I suppose I'll try to reinstall and include all the B.S. software that comes along with the install disk to see if that works out.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. :smileyhappy:



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Re: Computer Not reading printer

The connection issue sound like a possible usb problem to be honest. I would check the length usb cord over 6' tend to be an issue, try another shorter usb cord, try another usb port on the pc...if you are running a laptop please remeber that you laptop will shutdown all non essential ports and devices to conserve power including the usb ports if that is the case power of the printer then power down the computer disconnect the usb while power is off then power printer up once it is ready power up the pc and then once readt plug in the usb then tends to make a world of difference and is relativly painless rather than unistalling and reinstalling again.
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Re: Computer Not reading printer

Hey, thanks for the reply. After shutting my computer off for the night and taking the disk out of the drive. I turned on my computer, hooked up the usb cord to my printer and then turned the printer on. A message came up saying that vista was 'installing device drivers." After I was prompted to insert the install disk again which I did. It seemed to install a few more things.. But it works great now. It's funny that this worked seeing as I restarted numerous times, however, I am glad that it did so and am very happy with this printer so far now that I have gotten it working, and would highely recommend HP to anyone, it kicks my Epsons ass, Thanks again.  I'll catcha later.
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Re: Computer Not reading printer

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