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HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

New HP ENVY 5530 wireless printer bought 2 days ago. Will NOT print a single document in Windows 8.1. It's scanning perfectly, I can also print from my Android HP eprint App perfectly. The printer is showing as connected and working properly (as evidenced by printing ability from other device).


The printer acknowledges I'm trying to print a Word doc, the printer message box, when clicked, shows me the document has been sent to the printer yet it sits there for about 3 - 4 seconds then ...DISAPPEARS and no document comes out the printer.


I have done everything I can think of....And, looking at the printer properties, it seems to have created its own dedicated Port which shows as "WSD...long number etc" Please help. Thanks!



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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

UPDATE: I am utterly discouraged, frustrated and pretty annoyed now. Windows 8 and 8.1 are obviously the cause ofserious issues with HP ENVY 5530 (and other HP printers!) I have been on the phone since 11/26/13 and spoken to no less than 6 different people, one of which was a supervisor (Jay) at the HP Total Care Tech Support dept. My issue has slowly been escalated to the Lead Stream Dept. which was of no concrete help! I just got off the phone with one of the engineers (name: Sanal, in India) and he could not resolve the issue ater uninstalling, reinstalling and cleaning up the registry, checking the spooler etc etc. His advice was to call my ISP Comcast and get them to change the 'channel' to 11 as the printer works best under channel 11....?!?! WHY? I am not about to include another party to add to my issue! I think I need to take this printer back and buy one that I have researched and know for a fact works perfectly under Win 8.1!!!! I am so angry at this minute! How is this in god's name possible not to have a patch for this APPARENTLY COMMON issue your HP newer model printers are having with win 8 and 8.1??? I was reassured each and every time the issue would be resolved during each and every call I made! No one can resolve the inability of the printer and laptop to communicate. It shows are connected, online, functioning, is set up and installed properly.... it will scan, copy and even print docs from my Android YET NOTHING will print not even a test page from my Acer Laptop which is less than 10 months old!! HP scan doctor cannot figure out what is wrong either. Its test page does not print, yet its INTERNAL test page printed just fine. SMH.....sigh.....

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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

I am in the same boat today, after spending 2 hours on the phone yesterday with a lovely fella (from India), who seemed to do his best remotely to solve this problem.  I have loaded the software from the CD, uninstalled it, reinstalled it from the HP site, after I was told there is a software issue.  Everything looks fine until I try and print. My documents do not show up in the print spooler when I select 'see whats printing'.  I have scanned this morning and that works great.  I was told by the technician at HP that he can escalate this and put it in the hands of a higher up enginee, but this will take 24-48 hours to hear something back.  I have 3 kids in school and we cannot be without a printer for that long!  I made the suggestion of returning the printer, now without its box to the store, and was told that was one solution.  I am not wasting any more time on this and will be returning the printer today!  One would wonder how a company as tech savvy as HP can not find a fix to this problem.  Oh yes....my technician told me I was the first person he encountered with this problem. Find this hard to believe!!

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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

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Funny how that works ay? They lie. Unfortunately they lie. The techs/engineers, or at the very least their Supervisors, KNOW about this issue. It is a sad fact that they pretend to be unaware. Mine was escalated to the top tiers and India was also my starting point, I finally spoke to 10 people in all. HP offered to exchange my printer etc. I just took it back to the store and got an Office Jet 6600 which is perfectly compatible with Win 8.1 and works like a dream! They had a whole forum on Dec 5, 2013 HERE to discuss printer issues with win 8.1 it was/is common knowledge.... I am so sorry, I will cut this short as I am so tempted to rant for pages about the whole issue and what was admitted to me by one of their big wigs. In conclusion: there are driver / software and firmware (and maybe more?) issues with a lot of printers and win 8.1. Microsoft is actually the one at fault as HP is not the only company affected by this issue. Microsoft was of no help and wanted to run the same "tests" the techs from HP did AND CHARGE ME $129 for this service!  Of course, I told them to go jump off a cliff.... Taking it back is the best thing you could do. Get another that IS compatible with win 8.1. Good luck!

BTW I AM NOT AN HONOR STUDENT...I don't know where that came from nor why I am listed as a "Student"?!

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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

HP Chat Support

6:38 PM  Connecting...
6:38 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
6:39 PM  Support session established with Vesper.
6:40 PM   Matthew: Hello Vesper.
6:40 PM   Vesper: Welcome to HP Total Care IPG Chat Support for Home & Home Office Printers. My name is Vesper. Please give me a minute while I review your problem description details.

NOTE: For security reasons, PLEASE DO NOT send credit card information via chat.
6:44 PM   Matthew: So you figure out why my HP envy 5530 all in one wont print more then half a page?
6:44 PM   Vesper: Are you facing this issue while making copy from the printer itself?
6:44 PM   Matthew: No
6:45 PM   Vesper: May I know the application you are trying to print and facing this issue?
6:45 PM   Matthew: What operating systems support this printer?
6:45 PM   Matthew: Adobe
6:45 PM   Vesper: Your operating system is supported by the printer, do not worry.
6:46 PM   Matthew: Ok
6:46 PM   Vesper: Are you facing any issue while printing from Word?
6:46 PM   Matthew: Yes
6:47 PM   Vesper: Try to print this chat and let me know the result.
6:48 PM   Matthew: that printed perfectly fine
6:52 PM   Matthew: Anything else?
6:53 PM   Vesper: Try to print from a Microsoft Word application and let me know the result.
6:56 PM   Matthew: I don't have word accessible from this computer and my Laptop is currently being used else where... I don't use MS Word often enough but I do use Adobe with all my PDF's
6:56 PM   Matthew: that's the issue I have
6:56 PM   Vesper: I would like to initiate a remote assistance session. This will allow me to view your computer and its information, and even take control of your computer so that I may fix the issue. Is this something you would be interested in doing?
6:57 PM   Matthew: No
6:58 PM   Vesper: The below mentioned URL will take you to a non-HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
6:58 PM  Vesper has sent a link: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/873/cpsid_87345.html
6:59 PM   Matthew: No you're not but you are responsible for your merchandise that isn't working correctly that you sold to numerous individuals. So is there anything you can do, besides access my privately owned computer, or should I just return it?
7:00 PM   Vesper: Matthew, the issue is with the application you are trying to print from. May be your Adobe software is facing issue. As the printer is printing fine from the browser through which we are chatting means the hardware functionality of the printer is working fine.
7:01 PM   Matthew: So Microsoft Word on my Laptop and Adobe from my desktop are the issue? but they print from my older HP perfectly fine....
7:02 PM   Matthew: Add excel to that list too
7:02 PM   Vesper: Might be you have updated the versions of the said applications.
7:02 PM   Matthew: Already checked
7:02 PM   Matthew: They are up to date
7:03 PM   Vesper: Please open the above send url and follow the onscreen instructions, it has resolved many issues with the PDF printing.
7:04 PM   Matthew: So HP technical support doesn't know there own printers issues... nicely done...
7:04 PM   Matthew: Have a good day Vesper.
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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

I had pretty much the same conversation with Vesper also today.  What a bunch of crap!  I will also be returning my printer and going with something else.  5 printers in a year, thank you HP!

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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

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 Bought hp 5330 from Microcenter in USA.  Printer installs but will not print over usb using Windows 8.1. I am documenting that this issue  may not yet be fixed.  The  Hpscan diagnostic utility  says no problems . It can query the printer for things like ink levels.


  Like others have documented, when printing a document or picture, the job appears to be spooled on the PC, says it is transmitting on USB port and the icon in the PC task bar disappears. No action, noise, display screen message, or printing happens on the printer. Tried downloading the driver/install software for 5331 with same result.  Also tried again with HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows said I needed and downloaded updated drivers. Rebooted, reset printer to factory defaults. Installing with this downloaded package did not solve the problem either. Returning printer.

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Re: HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1

Same experience.  I got my old Lenovo laptop to connect wirelessly  with XP after about 30 minutes.  But after a couple of hours of trying, I can't get my Asus T300 with Windows 8.1 to connect via wireless or via cable.  The Asus T300 shows the HP ENVY 5530 as the primary printer, and sends docs to the printer, and then I get an error message.  This happens when I try to print via USB cable and via wireless.


How about posting a workable driver HP?

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