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HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

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29 October 2010, Roende, Denmark.


Support / Printer driver department.


Jesper Simonsen



Hello Hewlett-Packard


I have an error message to you which deals the
HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless
Printer Driver for Windows 7 platform.


This bug exists only on the Windows 7 platform
and not on Windows XP.


I was hired to install the
HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless yesterday.
I setup, installed, configured the printer.
I've configured the printer to run
Wireless Network with Gateway router
SSID and WPA key and it went smoothly.
I installed the printer to have
fixed LAN IP address
and I configurated the gateway routers
DHCP pool to go up to
in order not to disclose the printer's IP address.


On a new Lenovo laptop running Windows XP
running on the same wireless network I installed
the printer software from the supplied Windows XP/Vista driver disc.
It worked fine with both printer and scanner functions.
I could also press the Scan button on the
front panel of the printer and choose the Laptop
and then the printer starts and starts automaticly the scanner
software up on the Laptop computer. So it worked just fine.


So I should install the printer on a desktop computer.
A brand new Lenovo desktop computer running Windows 7 32 bits.
This desktop also runs on same wireless network.
I installed the printer driver from the supplied Windows 7driver disc.
Installation could well see the printer on the wireless network.
I could well send a print job off to the printer.
But it will not scan.


I've tried both:


- To start a scan job from the computer.

The scanner respond briefly to run the scanner carriage
down at the other end where it should begin to start
to scan, then it stopped all communication.
It stands for a while and then eventually there will be a error message
about no Communication to the scanner, which had error code:

4, [(2,7,80040007), (3,7,0)]


- I also tried to press the "Scan" button
on the front panel on the printer and then go through
options displayed on the printers front panel display.

It said on the front display that it had not scan options.
On the computer it showed up a message
that we should update the LCD listing on the printer display.


I did that with help text from HP Solution Center software.
I found where I could update the scan job type options.
I could add/remove them. Then I did send these to the printer.
The scan jobs was then listed on the printers display fine.
The same error: Scanner carriage moves down to the other end
of the scanner and then stops all communication from there.

I tried to google about the problem and error number.
I found several other users with the same problem as we had.
I could see a webpage that people could download
the latest printer driver, then it should resolve itself.


The supplied discs were
- Disc with drivers for Windows XP and Vista
- Disc with drivers for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)


The disc for Windows 7 was driver version 13.0.0
and I could download the driver version 140.0 (english)
(I assume it is v.14.0)


So I downloaded that full driver package.
(I downloaded it 28th october 2010)

I first uninstalled ALL HP drivers and software on Windows 7
and then did a reboot of Windows 7.


Then I started to install the new version 14 driver.
The installation went fine without problems.
But this driver has the same BUG as the previous driver.


I went on HP's driver website again
and downloaded all updates that were available and
installed them all and still no luck with the scanning problem.


I had Windows Firewall turned completely off all the time.
So it is not the firewall that blocks anything.
The connection to printer is fine because the print jobs worked fine all the time.


Then I'd try to connect the printer with USB cable
to the Lenovo stationary computer, to see if there was a difference.
I Re-configured the printer so that I got the printer available
by USB connection.
It would print fine and could scan fine IF
I put the computer in the process of starting a scan job.


But if I pressed the "Scan" button on the front panel
then came the SAME error as before.
When in the scan job type list on the printer front panel
was choosen and started then the scanners cariage
turned to the other end of the scanner.
Then it started up the scanner software on the computer
then when we pressed either the Scan/Scan Now on the front panel
on the printer OR we pressed the start scan button on the scanner software
on the computer. Then the scanner stopped communication and after some time
then the error message comes up again.


The Wireless Network is running on a
D-Link Router with Wireless AP.
SSID: alsikkevej10 (Not hidden, with no special characters)
Encryption: WPA-PSK (WPA1-PSK/TKIP)
Shared Key: xxxxxxxx (With no special characters)


This means that the error (bug) persists in HP
Driver Software the scanner function for Windows 7 platform.


While I tested all this, I had the Windows Firewall turned completely off.
So there was nothing blocked in that way.
The wireless communication worked fine because we could always print.


The Lenovo laptop computer could all the time
print AND scan via the wireless connection


Both scan job types worked fine on the laptop computer:
- Started from the "Scan" button on the front panel of the printer.
- Started from the scanner software on the Laptop computer.


So scan works fine on Windows XP but NOT on the Windows 7 platform.



I would like to hear from you when you have solved the problem,
so we can get it working as it should do.

HP, please reply to e-mail.


Graphics & New Media Designer

Jesper Simonsen

[text removed for privacy]


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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

I basically have the same problem with a Win 7 64-bit machine, only I'm using a wired ethernet cpnnection.

I'm installing the v14.0 full drivers on a different Win 7 32-bit machine to see what's up with that one.  I'm not optimistic, as it is my opinion that HP considers  these printers are "pre Win7", and HP is too cheap to ramp up support for "obsolete" hardware.  They feel the solution to your problem (and theirs) is to buy a new printer.

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

If my english is not that well, I'm sorry....( I'm Dutch )

But I'm glad to see that there are more people having this problem.

I also have an officejet 6500, I'm using it not wireless but with cable and I've got the same problem as above: printing, faxing no problem, but scanning is a disaster. One time it worked to get 2 pages scanned, other time it doesn't work at all or after 1½ page or so it stops and hangs. I don't get an answer from hp because I don't have guarantee any more ( over 1 year ). First I worked with windows xp and didn't have any problems. Now with my new pc ( windows 7) the scanning is not working well. I hope to read an answer and solution here !

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

I have two machines hooked up to the HP 6500 Wireless, both wirelessly.  Once is Win Vista, the family PC, and then my Dell laptop for work, which I take in and out of our home network, and runs Win 7.  Both were printing and scanning like a charm.  Then all of a sudden, the 6500 doesn't recognize my work Win 7 laptop for scanning.  I can still print from it, but the last time I tried scanning the error said it couldn't make the connection and now the laptop doesn't even appear as a selection option when I try to scan.  According to HP Solutions Center on the laptop the connection is in place and all systems are go.  WTF?

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

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Oh, and here is the kicker:  I can do the scan in reverse.  I can open HP Solution Center on the laptop and initiate and kickoff a scan to file from there successfully and it works perfectly.  However, I still can't get my laptop listed back in the computer list for scanning on the HP 6500 device, where scan initiation is preferred since it is less steps.

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

Did you ever get a response from HP?

I have experienced the same set of circumstances.


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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

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Hello dear co-suffers.


No I have not heard anything from HP at all.


I/we have learned the hard way

that HP products is cheap crap

and has always been that.


My self, I always buy Canon printers and scanners.

They work perfectly and I can download

drivers and bloat ware individually as I want on their website.


HP driver software is always 300-600 mb installation

that takes forever, fills the computer with

bloat ware and starts up a lot of services on the computer

that I never need!

Typical HP driver software.


So my advise will be. DROP HP in the future!


Check driver software, compatibility, system requirements before buying anything!!!






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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

I just checked for newer drivers.

Nope, nothing has happend since I wrote about the

bug in th HP Windows 7 driver.


It would come as a surprice if it was updated.

But it is still version 14.0 on the website.

The driver version I have tried and it has the bug also.






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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

I have one of these printers.  Thought I'd give HP a go for a change as I've nomally bought Canon in the past.  I buy a printer a year on average for the LAN I've got.


THREE MONTHS into the warranty and its packed it in.  If it wasn't enough that I could never get it to hold default setups, never get any other package to recognise whatever passes for a jpeg from the scanner - and yes I've heard about the scanner issues in recent days, the amount of junk software it wants to load on the machine its connected to(by cable), it has taken me nearly three hours to Customer 'support' to even get HP to accept that there is a problem with this hunk of junk.


And what about even trying to contact HP!!  Obviously by the three hangups and the 'cannot find any record of the call so lets start the 50 diagnostic questions again'! there is not a lot of attention paid to customers who have a problem.


Do HP really think I'll continue to use their products once this printer is out of warranty?  Not a chance.

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - Scanner bug in driver - Only on Windows 7 platform!

I spoke with tech support about this. I was referred to a Level 2 technician. He told me that most of these issues are caused by a bad operating system and that reinstalling it would do the trick. I had to back up, restore the OS, restore the data and reinstall all my programs, but he was right about the issue getting resolved. Seems like a lot of work to get the scanner to work, but my computer was slow and needed refreshing anyway. By the way, the Level 2 technician also said that they recommend reinstalling the OS every 6 months. Not so sure I want to spend 4 or so hours on this process, but my computer is definitely running better!



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