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HP Solution Center fails after reboot (scanner fails also)

My HP Photosmart 3310 software fails after a reboot, day, or install of  the printer in Windows 7 64-bit.  No error - it either says that the installation is not complete and to plug in the USB cable (it worked just 1 hr ago), or the printer is offline.  I can reach the printer via the IP ( - static IP).  The other computers in the house are printing and scanning just fine.


The help I have received via the message boards and help software is to re-install the software.  I have done this over 20 times - it does NOT work. Let me reiterate if you did not get it the first time - reinstalling the software does NOT fix the problem.


The printer and scanner work just fine after the software completely installs.  The problem is that the printer and scanner will not work the next day.


Yes I have tried:

1. Checking for latest system and windows updates.

2. Turned off and on the firewall.

3. Pulling over the printer and hooking it up via a USB cable.  This "completes" the installation but I can not run it this way. The problem comes back the next day when I trying using the printer as a networked via the router.

4. When I "add" the printer to the Windows printer list, it will cause the HP Solution Center software to go into the "incomplete install error".  So either the printer or the scanner works, not both at the same time.  The other computers are working just fine.

5. This is a brand new computer, so no old malware running around.

6. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, installed multiple copies, etc of the latest printer software from this site (AIO_CDB_FSW_Full_Win_WW_130_141).

7. I have run the Network patch software from HP, before and after rebooting, no real effect.  (CPE_SLP_NETWORKMSI_hpcom_000_006 )




Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: HP Solution Center fails after reboot (scanner fails also)

I have found a solution to the scanner issue!  I installed VueScan software from  The software is designed for high end photo editing, so it is a no brainer for it to scan documents.  The free version is working fine. If I wanted the professional version the $90 cost is nothing compared to the time I wasted on getting the HP software to work.


To solve the printer issue I installed the driver via windows and bypassed the HP software.  The only thing I am missing now is the Fax capability, but that can be done from the HP Photosmart directly.


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