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solution center 8.0 corrupted and cannot reinstall software

I have a AIO 6310 that has been working well until a few weeks ago when I developed a connectivity problem. I replaced the USB cable with no chage. So, I decided to do a uninstall and reinstall of the software, Big problems. I used a L4 uninstall procedure followed by the HP utility scrubber. When I attempted to reinstall the software I got a C: error about 20% into the install and it stopped. I tried 4 times with the same result. I was able to get back my printing function by doing a system point restore, but, now my Solution center is corrupted. I was getting parsing error but I was able to fix that thru someone's post, but, it's still not working correctly. It's very slow to boot up and I get errors when I try to scan or make copies from the Solution center. I've also noticed that CCleaner discovers a lot of DLL errors. At this point I'm stumped as to what to do. I think that despite using HP's preferred removal tools there are still some corrupted files in the registry. Then only thing I can think of doing, at this point, is to use something like Revo Pro uninstaller to try and get a clean uninstall. Has anyone had a similar problem and/or can someone make sugestions as to how to handle this problem. I'm running Vista 32 bit OS. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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Re: solution center 8.0 corrupted and cannot reinstall software



Please reinstall Software and Driver for your printer using the following file:


You may want to run Scan and Print doctor first:



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Re: solution center 8.0 corrupted and cannot reinstall software

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've tried the HP Print and Scan diagnostic, several times, and as long as I have connectivity the print diagnostic says there is nothing wrong. As for the scan diagnostic the scan function has been corrupted for, at least, 3 years. Nothing new there. What's going to be different with the software/driver download you're offering as opposed to what I've already tried V1.0.0.0? I've done a clean uninstall, as humanly possible, using HP's L4 and utility scrubber and Revo uninstaller and I still couldn't do a reinstall. I got approx 30% in and it stopped. Based on what I've read in other posts, regarding this problem, it sure sounds like my OS is corrupted requiring an OS restore which, in my case, is about 15 hrs to put everyting back in. So, I need some more information about what you're proposing before I expend anymore time. I look forward to your comments. By-the-way, the DLL errors that CCleaner has been finding have to do with the Digital Imaging module. Thanks

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Re: solution center 8.0 corrupted and cannot reinstall software

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Hello arejfour. I understand you are unable to utilize Solution Center. Running an Uninstall level 4 does remove content in the Windows operating system, and corrupts other content. Unfortunately, if this computer is an HP computer, it would've inflicted serious damage to the operating system, and you may have to reinstall Windows to resolve the issue. Despite this, I can help you in troubleshooting this issue, and hopefully avoid reinstalling Windows.


Before you perform any other steps, you should install the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework, which is 4.5, since the uninstall likely wiped it out. You can locate the download link here:


Before you go any further, please ensure you are comfortable performing the below steps, since you will be editing registry settings.


Go to the Start menu, type "regedit" in the search bar, and hit enter. You may have to provide administrative permission to open the program.


Before you do anything else, you will need to back up the registry. To do that, go to File, and click on Export. Name it anything you want, then hit Save. This will save a current copy of the registry, just in case you delete something accidentally.


Go to the Edit tab, then click on Find. In the search box, type "6310" (since that is the primary number indicator of the printer you own) and click Find Next.


It will scan the registry from the beginning to end, locating one entry at a time. Some keys, entries and files will have 6310 in the name. Only certain ones will be relating to the printer, and they will have some indication in the description (it will contain information regarding a printer or scanner, and some will even have "OJ" in the name for Officejet). When it finds one of the entries, and you have confirmed it is related to the printer, within a reasonable doubt, you can delete it by hitting Delete on the keyboard.


Once one entry is deleted, hit F3 on the keyboard, which stands for Find Next. It will locate the next entry containing "6310". Repeat the process until all 6310 printer entries are deleted.


If you accidentally delete something you shouldn't have, all you have to do is upload the registry backup you saved. To do that, click on File, then Import. Select the backup and import it. You will have to repeat the process and re-delete anything related to the printer again.


After this is done, all "6310" entries of the registry, relating to the printer, should be deleted. Hopefully, this will delete the corrupted files associated with these entries. If some entries will not delete, and provide an error of some sort, just skip that entry and move on to the next.


Afterward, just restart the computer, and perform the next few steps before you install the printer:


Go to the start menu, type “CMD” in the search bar. Now, you should see a shortcut for CMD above. Right click on it, and click “run as administrator”. If it asks you for administrative permission, please allow permission.

You should see Command Prompt open. Type in this command and hit Enter afterward: sfc /scannow

SFC stands for System File Checker, and it scans and attempts to restore corrupted Windows files. Running this might find a corrupted file or service and repair it. After it completes it will basically say either no corrupted files were found, corrupted files were found and repaired, or corrupted files were found but were unable to be repaired. Restart after this completes and continue on with the next step.


As another precaution, I would prefer it if you create a new administrator user account, just in case there is some hidden corruption based off of your current user account. In your Command Prompt window (as administrator), type the following and hit Enter: net user administrator /active:yes


You should see a message saying "the command completed successfully". After troubleshooting is done, you can disable this account by typing the following command into Command Prompt (as administrator): net user administrator /active:no


Restart the computer, and utilize the new account that is available, which should be named "Administrator". In this user account, try to install the printer software (you will have to re-download it for use on this current account).


If the installation is successful, try using Solution Center and see if it works. If it does, switch accounts and see if it works on your normal account.


This is the most thorough troubleshooting I can provide, based on the context and situation you have established. If these steps do not resolve the issue, you will likely be required to reinstall Windows. Please let me know when you complete this troubleshooting.



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Re: solution center 8.0 corrupted and cannot reinstall software

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've carefully read your comments and this is what I've come up with. I already have the Net Framework 4 installed as of the latest Windows update of Oct. 19. Microsoft update feature only updated to 4.0 so I have to assume this is the latest version of Net Framework available for my computer which is Dell Vista OS. I did run the scannow feature and it said it found some errors they it couldn't fix. I was unable to figure out how get a print out of those errors. As for working in the registry I'm not going to do that. The last time someone worked in the registry, which happened to be a HP tech several years ago, they just about destroyed my computer and it took several hours to get it back up and running with the help of Dell tech support which I no longer have access to. Dell tech support rarely, if ever, works in the registry as they have told me more than once. So, at this point, I can print, Solution Center mostly works, even though I get 1706 errors. I was able to get around the parsing error by utilizing a download that another poster provided. I'm surely stumped as to why I couldn't reinstall the software, to begin with, before I tried all the other measures I previously described. I can only guess, at this point, there may have been some corruption in the OS when I last installed the software in May 2012 when I had to do a OS restore because of other problems. As far as I can tell all the computer functions work including uninstalling and reinstalling software. I'm in no hurry to spend 15 hrs to do a OS install on a 5+ yr old computer unless something else drastic happens. Again, I thank you for taking your time to reply to my concerns. So, unless, you have some other way of fixing this problem I'm going to stand pat.

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