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6110 driver update doesn't install properly

I had XP drivers for 6110 all-in-one printer installed and working -- 3/9/2003 ---V.

I went to the "HP Officejet 6110 All-in-One Printer Drivers" page, HP Officejet Basic Driver, under  "Driver - Product Installaton Software (3)" Saw that --2009-09-12, Version 4.2.1 (34.23M) was the current recommended version, so I downloaded it to a folder on my C: drive.

I ran/executed the downloaded file from that folder, but the installation wizzard only got through most of the first two of the four bullet-items before it stopped. It apparently uninstalled my original driver as the New Hardware Found msg appeared, and calling "Print" from an app failed to find the 6110 among the printer options. So, I rebooted the system, and reran the downloaded driver installation file from the same folder. This time it appeared to get through most of the four bullet-items of the wizzard, and when I tried to print from an app, it found the 6110 printer, but with a whole different interface. However, when I went to Control Panel/Administrative tools/Device Manager and checked the current driver version for the 6110, it showed 10/14/2002 ---, an older version than what I had previously had.

Since there were no "on-screen" instructions, I had the printer power on and the USB cable connected the whole time.

What's going on and how do I get the latest version of the driver to install properly? My motive in updating was to get the proper paper selection options for HP's newest Premium Plus Photo Papers which I did not see on my original driver version, nor (obviously) do I see on the older version

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Re: 6110 driver update doesn't install properly

Hello Johnesig,


Welcome to the HP Forums.


I see that you are having an issue with connecting the printer to your computer.


I do have some steps that we can try.


Please remove any cables that you have connecting the printer to the computer (USB) and leave it off.


I then suggest that we go on to your computer and remove any and all software and drivers that have to do with your HP printer.


Once the software and drivers have been removed, reboot the computer.


When the computer is back up, please click on the following link for the HP Officejet and PSC Full Feature Software and Driver and save this file to your Desktop so that it creates its own icon.


When the download is complete, please double click the icon and follow the instructions.  DO NOT connect the usb cable until prompted to do so.  The installation will tell you when to connect any cables.


I hope this information is useful.


Please feel free to write me back if you have any other questions.


Thanks for your time.


Cheers,   :smileyhappy:

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Re: 6110 driver update doesn't install properly

Thanks, Waterboy71,


As I didn't get an immediate reply, I resorted to trial-and-error and came up with the same solution that you suggest - i. e., downloading and installing the full-feature SW and driver w/cables detached etc.It did install more smoothly - the cables being detached probably being the remedy for my initial problem in installing..


That leaves me with the same driver I had originally - i. e., 3/9/2003 --- V. (and what appears to be a lot of extra baggage - files in C:\temp, which I don't remember having in my original working version) which is better than going backwards. :smileyhappy:


I'll just keep trying, by trial-and-error, to get the best quality prints using HP photo-ink and HP's Premium Plus Photo Paper, as HP's advice given for that revised paper product on printers made before 2009 is to use a selection that doesn't appear with the V driver/sw - i. e., select "Advanced Mode". But, I'm familiar with all the things HP has said about that modified paper and I'll work that out.


I will say that the download page for 6110 drivers in need of editing to avoid the same confusion for others. It offers three choices for updated drivers - i. e., 1) HP Officejet Basic Driver (34MB), 2) HP Multi-Function Products Driver Bundle - Corporate Only (69MB), and 3) HP Officejet and PSC Full Feature Software and Driver (166MB). However, after getting the first to install, I found that it installed the older driver and all the supporting docs and references for the corporate, minimum footprint, version - not what's implied in the description and date/version of the first, and reasonably inferred from the comment on the second re the corporate bundle. It appears that the wrong file name is attached to the first choice, but I didn't load the second to see what that would produce (but maybe I'll do that on a lazy day). Someone should check out all three and bring the descriptions in line with the drivers produced on download..

In any case, thanks again and I'll mark the problem as solved,


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