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How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

I just got my CM1312 MFP working in Windows 7.  Here's how:


  1. Insert the setup disk in your CD/DVD drive.  Choose to view the files in Explorer.  Scroll down to the file "Setup," which is identified as an application.
  2. Right-click the file and select "Properties." Click the "Compatibility" tab at the top of the resulting window.
  3. Check off "Run this program in compatability mode for:" and choose "Windows Vista" from the pop-up menu.
  4. ALSO check "Run this program as administrator" at the bottom of the window.
  5. Press "Apply," then "OK."
Now you can double-click the "Setup" file and run the software installer.
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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

I was glad to see my Officejet 7410 and Photosmart 2610 printers install automatically from WIndows 7 without any fuss.  The drivers seem fully featured and even properly handle the duplexer (which required a patch in Vista...).




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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7



The printer would not install automatically for me, understandable with a beta os.  The HP install disk refused to run on an unrecognized system, so I had to run the installer in compatibility mode.


For interested folks, Windows 7 is working very well for me on a 3-yr-old system (Pentium D with 1 gig ram.  I'm even using the x64 version.



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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

This also worked for me.  It said it wouldnt work during the installtion and it even had an error, BUT my printer started working.


Note: I am using Windows 7 Beta.  Its very nice. 

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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7



I had my All-in-one 6213 working well on Vista.  When I changed to Windows 7, I was delighted to find that the 6213 installed on it's own. Unfortunately, (unlike Bob Headrick's experience), I found the Windows drivers short on critical functionality i.e. no output to PDF from the scanner, and no quality controls on the print.  I reverted to installing the HP software but ran into problems.  So, I was excited when I found these fixes.  Sadly, I have tried your solution on changing the .exe properties as well as the right-click options (install as an administrator and compatibility mode) without success.  I get an incomplete "file not found" error which I'm unable to solve.


I'm hoping somebody has a fix!


Alan Borain, Chase Software

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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

[ Edited ]

I own an HP Photosmart C4599 (black color equivalent to HP C4580), one of the wireless printer's in HP's inkjet lineup. To my dismay, this has not worked in Windows 7 whatsoever. I've tried using the accompanying install disk, and also downloaded the drivers and software package on HP's website - but while the installer (in compability mode under Windows Vista) running as Administrator allows it to go through the install procedure, it halts at usually 88% to 93% of Step 3 of 4 in the "Network" setup to get it connected either through the router or through Adhoc.


I've ran this on numerous occasions, and am consistently left with a "Waiting for SLP reply from" message that appears. This is after a successful test print - both from the installer itself and outside through tests in numerous different programs. After halting, if I force close and terminate the installer, it will automatically remove all the drivers.


My workaround (or attempted on anyway) was to get into the"Devices and Printers" dialog and manually add the printer, since the wireless network settings are already stored inside the printer (and not deleted) after the HP installer inputted them in. Through this route, Windows 7 would believe that it installed properly, however, any test prints are unsuccessfully delivered through to the printer.


I've found no resolutions to this. If anyone found any other creative workarounds, please do tell. I've thought about just installing it as a USB printer and then somehow, using Windows 7 exclusively to get it to become a network printer in some kind of way.. But I haven't figured out how about to do this just yet.


Would appreciate any solutions somebody comes up with.





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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7



I also could not get my C6180 All-in-One software to load until I tried left clicking on the file name and used "Troubleshoot Compatability". Loaded up just fine after that!

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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

I have a Dell Dimension 4700. I also have a USB connected HP Laserjet 1160Le. I am running windows 7 . I downloaded the driver for Windows Vista from the HP site. and did the whole compatability mode thing. No luck in success.


Am I doing anything incorrectly? Should I have downloaded a different driver?



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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

II installed windows 7 beta on my HP dv8305us laptop without any major issues. I only have one driver issue. It is an unidentified mass storage controller. I will do my best to figure out which piece of hardware this is exactly soon. I am very pleased to se how well 7 runs on that machine. It is not half the resourse hog i feared it was going to be. True some of my drivers are generic with some limited functionality but hey this is Beta right.


as for printer drivers I managed to get my epson c120 to install as a networked printer. The printer is shared from an xp pro machine. I did not have to do anything to find the driver. The additional driver function worked like a charm.


I hope you too have as much fun testing the new os.




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Re: How To Install Printer Drivers in Windows 7

32 bit Win 7 recognized and installed my Photosmart 7280 all-in-one printer automatically in wireless mode. I Win 7 64 I had to run printer install but it found the printer and loaded the drivers with no problem.
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