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Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

I just finished upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and then I updated software for my Photosmart D7160 using the full function driver.  Everything appeared to have worked properly -- until I try to print.  It still looks right but there's always 0 in queue.  It's like "you can't get there from here".   I need help,please
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Re: Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

I have the exact same issue with an HP Photosmart C6180 printer not accepting anything into the print queue. It worked fine when I rigged the Vista drivers and software to install. I uninstalled the software and then installed the Windows 7 drivers and now i cannot print anything. The only thing i can print is diagnostics an test pages that are stored in the printers memory using the HP Solution Center. I'm running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and the x64 drivers for the printer. Please help!
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Re: Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

I'm glad I'm not the only one. maybe with enough of us hp will at least admit there''s a problem.  

Did you say you could get something to print with the Vista driver (and Windows 7)?  I'm just dead in the water. 

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Re: Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

Maybe I can help you after all.  I got my printer to work -- no thanks to hp.


I decided to reinstall the driver, but with a difference.

They tell you to disconnect the printer.  --  Not good enough.  

I disconnected it and then went into Windows and removed hardware.

Then I went to my (previously downloaded and saved) driver exe and started it.

Don't select the option to add to existing.

From there it goes through all kinds of questions about what you want to do and warnings that this or that won't work if you delete whatever.


Since I'm dead in the water anyway who cares if something else doesn't work.

Bottom line is -- take  out every last hp file you can.

This takes surprisingly long.  You can watch files and registry entries and who knows what going away.

The last thing it says is that you have to restart your computer to get all this to take effect.

So I restarted and then was greeted with my desktop. -- Nothing more. No instructions from hp.  That's it.


So, what's the 'stupid thing to do' rule?  It's "If something doesn't work try it again" , right?

So I reran my saved download.

This time it came up differently.

Instead of the 'what do you want to  do' questions it acted like I was a new customer and they were glad to see me.

It installed the driver, told me how great hp is and works beautifully.  Not a word about how hard it is to get help after warranty.


Anyway, let me know how it works for you.

I'm curious to see if my scanner will have problems when I start there.  Probably not since everything was cleaned off.


It would be nice if someone from tech support would read this so they could update their instructions.

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Re: Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

If you use Revo Uninstall program it will get rid of all including registry entries and file entries and yes it supports Windows 7 without you having to search all over for left overs from uninstalling HP drivers and software.


I have no idea why HP does not have drivers for Windows 7.  I have tested Windows 7 for a year and Windows 7 was sent out to OEM back in September so why they do not have drivers shows a real lack of concern for their customers and users.  Stating we had a problem and than saying nothing will be available until January 2010 shows a lack of development.  I would have never bought a HP printer if I knew there was no support for Windows 7 since I really do need all functions. 


The area i really do not understand is has anyone tried Vista compatibility mode in windows 7 to see if the Vista drivers and functions work?  Luckly I still have my Canon printer so will continue to use that since it fully has Windows 7 support drivers and software.

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Re: Windows 7 cannot send file to print queue

Actually the full function driver I downloaded from hp works fine now that I cleaned out everything hp before installing.  Maybe it's close enough to Jan.  Of course I haven't tried all the 'other' functions yet.  Just catching up on regular printing.

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