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Accepted Solution


One week ago I purchased a new 8600 plus officejet printer. I loaded the software onto my Sony Viao laptop (running windows 7). The printer is connected to my home wireless network. Now whenever I am away from my home wireless network my laptop cursor keep going to busy (rotating blue wheel) every 4 seconds. I have run task manager and a file called HPnetworkCommunicator.exe seems to be the problem. The issue does not exist when I go back to my home wireless network. This issue is very serious and makes working on my laptop very difficult when not connected to my home network. Do you have a solution other than returning the printer to HP for a refund. John Kitchener

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

here is the work around


from mtbaughs

Try disabling the scan activation by following the steps below:


1. Open the HP software by clicking on the desktop icon or by opening it from the programs folder <All Programs>HP>Product>


2. Navigate to the Heading Scanner Actions in the software and click on the link titled Manage Scan to Computer

3. Disable the activation and uncheck the box to automatically restart the activation when you log back in.



Keep the scan deactivated unless you need to scan, at which time simply enable the activation by reversing the steps above.


Set ink alerts to show only when you print if it is not already. To do this, open the HP software and click on estimated ink levels.


The printer toolbox appears - Select the advanced settings tab


On the advanced settings tab, make sure the default is set to 'Only show me ink alerts when I print'. Let me know if that has any impact

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

To SophiaS (Teacher)

You are a genius - the ink levels solution worked - problem solved.


John K

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

this is what it said in my computer  every 5 minute !  how can I fix it?

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

I have same issue, but work-around does not fix it.  This printer has been a nightmare of epic proportions as I have to shutdown and re-boot my machine 10 to 12 times a day to clear out my memory.


The HPNetworkCommunicator.exe just keeps runing and runing new versions of the application to the point where thousands of versions are running.  I can't stop it.

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe


I would suggest following this thread where SophiaS gave a solution on how to resolve this issue. 
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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe



Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe issue:screen cursor continually refreshing. Did not try this workaround, but updating the IP Address for my printer(HP Photosmart 7500 series) did the trick for me.


To do this:


1) From the Windows Start Menu: Go to All Programs--> "HP" Folder --> Your HP printer


Note- To verify the printer using the HPNetworkCommunicator.exe, you can go to task manager and right click on the HPNetworkCommunicator.exe and click on properties. Take note the subfolder HPNetworkCommunicator.exe is located to clue you in on the printer to reconfigure


2) Click on your HP printer folder ex. "HP Photosmart 7500 series" . Then click on "Update IP address"


3) You will be presented with a pop up Window with a box to insert the current printer IP address.


4) To find this address, go to your HP printer noted above and click on the wireless Icon on the top of  your printer display screen. It will indicate your printer IP address. Take note of this.


5) Update the Current printer IP address in step 3) with the correct IP address noted in step 4)


6) Click the "Search" right next to the new IP input box noted in Step 3)


If this fix works for you, it will be immediate without need for a reboot!

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

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HP,  this printer is already set to "Only show me ink alerts when I print" and still has theHPNetworkCommunicator.exe running continuously problem problem that MadScientist1 mentioned.


MadScientist1, this solution did not work for me.  The first time I tried step 2, Update IP address appeared, so I was able to continue through step 6, which did not immediately fix the problem.  I then tried again, to see what trying step 6 again would do.  This time, Update IP address did not appear in step 2, so I was unable to go any further.


HP Officejet 6700 printer, wireless connection


Note - this computer is running a very long program (4 months estimated, 10 weeks so far), with no checkpoints.  The computer CANNOT be restarted or rebooted until this program finishes unless I want to restart the program from the beginning.

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Re: HPNetworkCommunicator.exe

I found a solution for the HPNetworkCommunicator.exe running continuously problem.  After setting it to check the ink levels only when printing, use Windows Task Manager to end the HPNetworkCommunicator.exe process.  Then tell that computer to print some rather small file to make sure this did not stop the ability to use the printer at all.  It printed for me.


A side affect that may have somthing to do with the cause of the problem - this also ended a major memory leak on another HP computer on the same LAN, but running 64-bit Windows Vista rather than 64-bit Windows 7.  It was previously leaking a gigabyte or two of memory a day, as shown by the total memory use on the performance page of Windows Task Manager drifting away from the total memory use by all processes as shown by the Processes page of Windows Task Manager (with Show processes from all users enabled).  Therefore, this second computer had to be restarted or rebooted a few times a day to keep this memory leak from drastically slowing down that computer.

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