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psc2175 errors

After installation of new black ink cartridge am attempting cartridge align to get printer working.


Numerous errors including jams (cleared, though no "jam"), paper too narrow (same paper as always) Reset printer to factory defaults-still same errors. WANTED to follow hints from this helpful forum, including checking paper size via options button, but can't get there.


Sensor looks good-unobstructed, cover on, etc.


I'm frustrated and thinking this printer is kaput! Help me to believe otherwise.


Thank you in advance.


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Re: psc2175 errors SOLVED!

I decided to hone my question further and wrote down all the messages and order in which they appeared:


Press ENTER to align cartridges

I did. It started, then petered out and reported "Paper Jam"

Pressed ENTER after clearing "Jam" More noise ensued...

Eventual message of "Print cancelled"

Press ENTER to Align Cartridges.

Pressed ENTER

Paper too narrow (**bleep**?)

Load wider paper then press ENTER.

Uh, pressed ENTER.

CANCELLED, due to annoyance after same cycle began.

Went into Maintenance.


What? It cleaned 'em?


What? It aligned them?


Needless to say, my problem is SOLVED and I am happy the printer I bought for $15 @ an estate sale is STILL working, though I admit it was a bit trying.

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Re: psc2175 errors SOLVED!

Ok thanks for the update @Litza 

Glad to hear it's solved anyway :smileyhappy:



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