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start scan from computer??

I have an hp photosmart C5550, when i try to scan it says start scan from computer, how do i do that??
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Re: start scan from computer??

Open the HP Solution Center program on your PC and select Scan Picture\Document as appropriate.
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Re: start scan from computer??

Hi momjulyoct ,


which operating system do you use? I give you an example on xp.


1, connect the c5550 to the computer.

2. In XP, start->all programs->accessories->scanner and camera wizard

3. In the scanner and camera wizard, select c5550 as device -> choose scanning preferences  (->preview) -> define picture name and destination ->done



**although i am an hp employee, i am speaking for myself and not for hp.**


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Re: start scan from computer??

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I have a Photosmart Premium model C309g.

how do I start a scan from my computer??

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

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Re: start scan from computer??

You can use many different software programs to do this. You can use hp solution center and scan from there. You can also use microsoft picture organizer and import images from scanner; you can also use picasa by importing  from scanner. I'm sure many other picture software programs would also import pictures.

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Re: start scan from computer??

I have a HP 309A all in one printer and when I try to fax it says, "try to fax from the computer"  How do I do that? Or how do I use the scanner from my printer?


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Re: start scan from computer??

OK, I did that, but where do I find the scanned document.  I went to photosmart essential but that didn't work?

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Re: start scan from computer??

I just purchased a HP Photosmart D110 and have a MacBook (MacOSx version 10.6.4.   When I try to scan to my computer the message is "try to scan from computer or see documentation.  How do I accomplish this?  


Thank you. 

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Re: start scan from computer??

I tried this, my computer says it cannot run because my device installation is not complete and to reload from USB or the disk.  My printer didn't come with a disk and everytime I try to boot from the USB cable it cycles over and over and I end up not being able to connect to the printer wirelessly and then when I eventually get it to find it wirelessly it still has not finished the installation and I start all over again...


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Re: start scan from computer??

I specifically registered for this site JUST to post a reply to this issue.




I got this error after installing everything. The printer and scanner were working great. Then, one day out of the blue, my wife tries to scan something, and is mysteriously stops working. Gives me the  "Try starting scan from computer. Please refer to documentation for details."


Are you serious? And this is after I've used it several times with no problem.


So, I search the internet and find all kinds of folk with the same issue. I battled with it for 2 days, installing, un-installing, removing reg files, etc. I finally got it working again about 2 weeks ago, and have been using it wonderfully ever since. 


Today, to my DISGUST, my wife tries to scan something, and we're back at square one. I can't even start the utility from my computer any more because it says I need to install it?


I am SICK and TIRED of buying $200 printers, only for them to turn around and stop working only a month later. I literally have 2 other HP printers, both with similar issues, stuffed in a closet. This is my THIRD HP printer, and honestly you guys need to get your crap together and start fixing these issues.


Do HP reps or anyone with the company post on this forum? Will bumping this thread everyday get an answer?


Nick - A VERY dissappointed consumer.

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