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Screen goes white when start laptop


When i start my laptop after few minute its screen goes white and i can't see any flicker on this. I tried to repair but that doesn't help me.


also, sometime screen goes off but i can see the laptop is running.


It look like motherboard problem with graphics card. 


System configuration:


Windows vista Ultimate 64 bit

HP pavilion dv6000



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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

Have you tried connecting an external display to your laptop/

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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop
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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

After it boots to the white screen press ctrl+alt+esc and check out the running processes.  I remember back in January there was a "vius" going around that ran a process called "whitescreen.exe" at startup.
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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

my screen  started to have stricks in it last night with some white  then got worse then a little pink  in it this morming as i turned it on the the screen hade patches of white and black like water stains then would go white then with in 2.4 minutes would get just a little darker but wouldnt show anthing on the screen i could hear it  like it did boot up but not on visual on the screen 

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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

Same problem on my dv6. woke it from hibernation began to login and screen striped and went white. occasional grey lines randomly and now just white.


Works fine on an external monitor.


So Anyone have ideas about solutions.

Is it the ribon cable that is broken?? or screen that needs replaced?


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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

Just fixed mine, it was a lose connector on the back of the LCD. It was only on with tape. I resecured it with packing tape, hope it last.

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Resolved with Screen (LCD) replacement but necessary?

I thought it may have been a loose ribbon cable - worked on external monitor and like above has some variations in color shading and light stripes at times.

At a local shop I started to bust screen apart at the rubber gasket edge (there are no screws on this Pavilion dv6) and loosening some double sided tape,  tech came over and clamshelled it open pulling the 4 screws holding in the lcd into a metal frame.


Cable looked fine (I thought I should have tried re connecting but within seconds they brought a new screen out of the back room and put it in and charged me $160 ( the same price as a replacement screen online). It took about 3 minutes - never imagined it being that easy to rip my laptop apart and re assemble without destroying it.


All works fine now.

Still wondering if the old screen was fine and just cable disconnected - too bad I left it at the shop.


Now I  may be brave enough to attempt to fix the laptop sitting under my desk for 4 years with a dead back light

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Re: Resolved with Screen (LCD) replacement but necessary? Dv3-4070 got the white screen problem when I turned it on with low battery and switched on the adaptor, it asked for switching graphics, which i clicked ok for, and it turned all white. The external display also doesnt work. I haven't opened it up or anything cause mine had a 2 yr warranty and it's been over a year since I bought it. I m hoping HP will honor it's commitment and fix it, but I had another problem with it when I bought it and they were like, "this is not covered" or something. I wish there was someway to retrieve the data from it till I can get it fixed, which history tells me it will take at least a month. Can anyone suggest another way??
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Re: Screen goes white when start laptop

 Screen goes white when start laptop how to fix

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