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Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem



Just few days ago, I started getting message, with some Cooling Fan Problem, Error 90B

But this error only was occuring when i started my Laptop after 5-6 hours


I mean when I started this in morning, at first time it was showing this error, and when it automatically shut down (It says, ENTER to continue startup or it will shut down in 10 or 15 seconds) and then I start it again, but this time no error it started fine


So, guyz, I wanted to know whether this is hardware problem or software or something other


Still my warranty period is going on, so should i goto HP support center?


I am using HP Pavilion dv6

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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

It is hardware but might be fixable before you send it in. Bend out a paperclip and stick it through the grille to hold the fan and keep it from spinning out of control and blow some compressed air in the grille to dislodge any dust or dirt that may be hanging up the fan. If that does not work the fan may need to be replaced.

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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

Thank you Sir. Well, I tried what you told


I also just gently open the upper from where i can see the fan, and spray verry little amount of compressed air.

And its working for now.


I had also purchase cooling pad and using it. Now, hopefull it will go well. 



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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

I get the same message, but there is not problem with the fan. My computer has the HiSense Cooling, when I get the message, I just hit Enter key and the computer starts up and run just fine. Barely gets warm! So why the message???????

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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

hi guys iam so sory for i speak english very very bad so Do not be surprised. i have problem                          

(Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem) i cleaned & fixed cooling fan & it worked but when turn on my loptop display the error Message again please help me What I do To solve this problem . Thank you, friends . iam waiting

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Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

Hello Wili and Cimhawaii,

I see that you guys are having the same issue with the system fan.

If the steps provided by Huffer above didn't work I would really suggest giving HP a call up if it's still in warranty.

Basically this error message is saying the fan has dust or debris inside of it or it also could easily just be a defective fan.

Please call HP at 18004746836
Also, remember if you find this post helpful or want to say thanks make sure to click the white star under my name to give me Kudos.

I really appreciate it!


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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

I have suddenly faced the problem reguarding cooloing fan. i don't know how it caused? but while gaming temperature reached to 99*C . but later on i had set the clock frequency to 729Mhz (processor state change using powerplan setting).


Now i want to know the few things

1) sholud i run my laptop using same settings which keeps laptop temp. 40 to 58*C .?

2)my laptop runs in warrenty period so would they any charge for case of Damage of Fan?

3)if my warrenty period over then howmuch cost they will charge for cooling fan?

please reply as fast as possible. :smileyindifferent:

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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

HP really makes crappy product. I called support, they asked to sign up for 1 year support to $99 to continue the

crappy service. I refused, might as well trash the notebook and switch to another vendor.


Oh, I might short some HPQ short to recoupe my loss on the laptop.

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Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

please send reply

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Re: Error 90B - Cooling Fan Problem

i have same problem
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