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Accepted Solution


If you can start your unit but get black screen do as described bellow

(Most Black screen users can see the HP LOGO firs and then BLACK - SCREEN)

If contacting HP SUPPORT inform them you see the logo or what ever you see before the BLACK - SCREEN

and if you do see something then the issue is NOT BLACK SCREEN.... that is only if it is all BLACK SCREEN without any text showing first....


Try to think if you remember if you have had any USB DEVICES connected recently to your unit. then the below will FIX IT.

And is simply yourself you can thank for not having enough experience with using a computer!

BIOS updates remember the future is going so fast these days and all the time new devices are getting produced so keep ur unit up-to-date at all times..


THE BIOS update is the most critical update you can perform!

All devices must be unplugged from you unit except the power cord, you can even take your battery of is no problem

But when performing BIOS update you need to downlod the BIOS EXE file to your unit and not RUN it via your BROWSER, that is nr 1, most people just hit run instead of getting the file down first and that will make your unit crash,  and if BIOS update fails ur unit is a goner... you will never get it to work again...SORRY


But try this.. unplugg your PSU (Power Supply Uniy)

take your battery off

then hold down the power button for aprox 20 sekunds, attach the power cord again try power up ur unit...

if that works perform a new BIOS update...

When performing the BIOS update you need to wait for the unit to shut.-down and only then when you see the unit is all shut down u can power it up again and it will perform the last 5 % of the update... SUCCES


If that doesnt work contact HP Technical support if your unit is still with-in Warranty...

If it is not you can buy a TICKET also called a SmartFriend even ur unit is out of WARRANTY

1 Ticket = 185 KR

1 Ticket = 15 EURO

See prices here




Go to

1 - Choose Support & Drivers.

2 - Choose Download Driver And Software. Enter your product info.. if cant find it start HP support assistant, choose Trouble Shoot, then choose Product Specifications.. (To many people dont use the HP Support Assistant it is a great Tool if you learn how to use it...Find your product info ( must be full info, enter it hit Enter)

3 - Choose you uperations system ( All HP units that got Windows 7 uses 64 Bit.. Never 32 Bit)

4 - Download the BIOS update EXE file to your unit,, VERY IMPORTANT.

5 - Dobbel klik it run it and let it finish, can take some time, varies from unit to unit REMEMBER THAT - it is 98% done when ur unit shuts down, then power it up again and the last 5% will finish...  SUCCES

6 - Now you can connect you devices USB ect..


Biggest issue is most HP customers never read their manuals and got way to less experience with computers when they buy an HP....

If that is the case, take a pc licens.... ijust that will help you and improve the usage in the future (that is for all HP custs) was not spec for you...


Good luck bro I  hope it works out for you and all others who got this issue




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I've tried everything.

1 turn it off, take out the battery, hold he power button for 30 seconds, plug it again and nothing.

2 Conect it to another screen, press Fn and F4, nothing

3 Take one of the rams, nothing

4 Ctl+Alt=Delete just in case, nothing

The screen is black, no mouse arrow, but on the laptop key board I can see that everything is on, but the internet and sound, they're on red.

Please help!!!

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Try to do this method a few time. If that still does not work then do this. This time open the lid at 30-45 degree angle and repeat the method. hope that will solve the problem.


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A bios update will fix this problem....U r kidding,r8? All the HP dv series laptop have this issue. Don't you understand its a manufaturing defect. Its happening because of  the video chip issue.  

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I downloaded the BIOS and that still didn't work. When I unplug my external display the screen breifly comes on. It looks dim but it will pop on for a few seconds, if i close the lid real quick and open it too.

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I found this answer through another forum and after following the suggested method, my laptop is up and running again.


Take out the battery, plug in the AC adapter, and keep your laptop on for about an hour. Then restart it by pressing the power button and it should start working again. The poster on the other forum said the problem could be that the CMOS battery isn't getting enough charge, which causes the motherboard not to boot properly. With the notebook battery removed, this gives the CMOS a chance to charge. Hope this helps.

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I have HP Pavilion dv6-6c54nr notebook - black screen, will not reboot. 


The monitor went black and the system would not boot up.  The cap lock blinked 3x than paused for a 3 count, repeatingly. 


I think, when traveling by plane the machine got jarded and caused this issue.   The memory chip must have slipped out slitghly, because I did not have this issue prior to the return trip. 


On a different forum I read that a "3" blink code was a bad memory module.  I removed the back cover and noticed the clips on the memory card was not completely locked.  I removed both cards and reinstalled both cards.  Making sure the side locks on the card were locked tight.  Put the cover back on. 


The system is now working great.




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Really want to apreatiate You Guys Sharing !!


Have an HP dv6.

RED wifi Orage light.

Caps Lock Keeps Blinking.

Power light is ON.

Screen HP logo at the Back is ON.


I removed the CMOS battery Measered it and its 3.0V

Replaced RAM chips, One by ONE.

Opened the Laptop Piece by Piece, and re-assembled, even  Processor !!

No  LUCK !!!!!!


Then i read your Post :heart:


I powered the laptop for 1.5 hrs :smileyhappy:

Then repowered it.

It worked !! 

Thank you For Sharing and God Bless You  abundantly :*  :*  :*  :*

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Hi kallinsba,


I'm glad that you were able to get your notebook working again! I have marked the answer that resolved your issue as accepted solution so other community members can find it with ease.


Post back if you have any other questions!


Thank you,

I worked on behalf of HP.
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the black screen keeps comming back when the laptop automatically goes in sleep mode, or

when the laptop hibernates, or when it is shut down and powered.



the bios update unfortnately seems to not to fix the issue permanently :smileymad:

Still i tried 1 hour thing, it worked,

Next time i tilted 30 degrees, wth batt out, then powered.

it worked.


I wish there is a way to fix this for good.

There should be a readeon kind of Bios fix for this..Jesus..

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