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Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension

Yesterday, Google Chrome automatically disabled all extensions not available from their webstore on my PC.  This included simplepass extension.  It cannot be re-enabled.  Apparently this is a new policy change from google.


It was understood that they were going to block new extensions, but they made the policy effective to installed extensions as well.


Is there a known work around or is a solution in progess?

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Re: Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension

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Hello dvovthokie,


Welcome to the HP Forums!

I apologize that your SimplePass extension is no longer working with Chrome. I am going to start off with some basic steps, first, as well as some theory I have that could help:


1. Uninstall your current version of HP SimplePass and install this one (even if it's the same)   : HP SimplePass Identity Protection Software Version


2. If that doesn't help:    (This one is more of a workaround than anything)


a) Go to Settings in Chrome. Look for the "Extensions" menu, and click on "Get more extensions".

b) In the Chrome Web Store, search for "SimplePass" and it should appear under Extensions. Click on "+ Free" to install it, then try using it.


3. You can try to reset Chrome to default settings: Reset browser settings


4. System Restore, just because time travel is sometimes useful: System Restore


5. Try the steps in an Incognito window (yes, I just suggested that). Incognito mode disables all extensions by default (at least it's supposed to). You can re-enable all extensions, including Website login ones.


6. Download and install an older version of Chrome, then try to get SimplePass and website login extensions working: Old Version of Google Chrome


If none of this helps, then I'm going to suggest some complex steps. This requires working in Developer Mode.


1. Go into Developer Mode through the Extensions menu.

2. Note the extension ID (For example, jilhkcaiaaepfiajaebpkmhonmfgabhf)

3. Go to C://Users/-name of user account-/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User/Data/Default/Extensions/-extension ID-/1.8 (or another number is you have a different number)

4. Copy that file path.

5. Go back to the Extension Menu of Chrome, and click on "Load unpacked extension...". Paste or search the above file path and hit Enter.

6. The extension should now be re-created and enabled (or able to be enable). You may need to restart the computer.


Please respond with your results of this troubleshooting. I want to crack this case for you :smileyhappy:



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Re: Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension

Thanks for the support.  Some feedback.


Uninstall and re-install did not work.  The extension was sill disabled. 


I deleted the extension then downloaded and re-installed from chrome webstore.  This seems to have worked but the version number appears to be the same that was automatically disabled by google.  I do not know how often google checks extensions, but I am not sure that google will not disable again.


Hopefully I will not have to try other steps.  I've heard developer mode can be a bit unstable.  I'll post back if google again disables the extension.


The new policy has generated some serious discontent over the control given to google.  There have been a few cases where users have reported extensions automatically disabled that were downloaded from their webstore.


Perhaps whatever checks google uses are a bit too aggressive and picking up valid extensions.  However, the fact that google implemented this policy for "user protection" may result in uninstalling chrome altogether.  I can think for myself.  I hope google abandons this new policy. These policies are one reason that I will never buy anything from apple.


I've heard developer mode is a bit unstable.  I hope I do not need to do that.

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Re: Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension

Correction to my previous reply.  The version on the old extension was 6.0.100 (same as the simplepass version)  Version on new extension is

The specific message from google on the old extension was "The extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store and may have been added withou your knowledge."  I stored a snapshot when this occured earlier in the week.


Again, I don't need google to think for me.

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Re: Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension



this doesn't work. For many reasons. The old extension cannot be manually added to Chrome. First off the extenson Manifest version must be '2' so that must be added manually to the manifest.json file in the extension folder. Secondly, the "background": statement in the extensions is no longer supported by Chrome.  So please stop giving out this advice on adding an unpacked extension. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR SIMPLE PASS.


Next off, the new extension you are telling us to go find in the Chrome store DOES NOT WORK, and it SPECIFICALLY SAYS IT REQUIRES SIMPLEPASS 8.01.14 in order to function.


The bottom line is there is no workaround that you have offered that works.  We need the new version of SimplePass, ASAP, and considering how massive the HP website is, WE NEED A DIRECT LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD.  Please provide the fix asap, and please stop posting this bogus workaround info.


This is the SECOND TIME in a year that Simplepass has stopped working with Chrome.  It is a MAJOR HASSLE and one that if not remedied immediately, will have serious consequences for my future purchases of laptops, servers, enterprise storage etc. i.e. - I won't be considering HP.


Kind regards

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Re: Google Chrome Policy - disabled Simplepass extension

If you follow the directions Google Chrome gives you by installing the Dev version of Chrome, it also works flawlessly with what you already have installed.



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