Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.
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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Just a side note with the sweater technique. Take the Hard Drive out so you don't overheat the HD before you do it.
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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

If you attempt to reflow GPU on your own via heat gun, be careful not to do what I did and fry the motherboard/GPU... O / o

The thing is now dead as a doornail - nothing comes on, fan never even attempts to start...

Next step will be replacing the motherboard itself, if I can find one. Otherwise, this is now a parts machine.

Not sure if I'll be doing that. I did purchase a new Lenovo and transferred all the docs while the thing was still breathing.

So I could part with it if anyone wants it for parts.
I also have an extra CPU for it. if anyone is interested in buying it for parts, $100 plus s&h, and it's yours (minus the hd). You'll get 2 amd processors and a comp minus the hd and everything else :smileyhappy: (woth a shot)

Hp dv6-3010us.

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Had the same problem, solved with the following steps:
1) remove the battery
2) press power button
3) vacuum clean the ventilation window for about 1 min
Possibly the last step is the decisive one, since the air flow also cooled down the computer
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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

rblencoe99 - i just wanted to say thank you so much! your trick works! i only signed up to say that.


 I have been using this trick for about a year, and it really held me over until i could afford my new laptop a few months ago.  

when i turn on my laptop, the screen stays black and the caps lock key flashes continuously.  It just blinks forever until you turn off the computer.  I wrap that sucker in a blanket or my snuggie for 30 minutes in the corner on the kitchen counter (to keep the heat in with the blankets and the walls) and about 30 mins later, voila! It magically comes on.  


Thank you so much for allowing me to recover my precious data.  Pictures, music, SO MANY personal projects and memories.  This is the original forum i saw it posted on.  Much props to you!

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Same with my paviliondv6. Does it work fine on replacing it with a single 4 gb?
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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

I had the same problem with my HP DV7-4165DX. Here is the solution, although it may sound crazy. 

1. Lift open the screen.
2. Take a towel and wrap it around the base of the laptop so no air can escape from the fan.
3. Turn on the laptop and let it get hot for 15-30 minutes.
4. Turn off the laptop.
5. Remove towel and power it back on. The laptop should boot up and go into Windows. This is a temporary fix - once you power it down and let it cool off, it will not turn back on and you will have to repeat the process.
6. While in Windows, you need to update the BIOS to "2013-02-26 , VersionF.29, 4.16M" Here is the link to the application:
7. Run the executable file.
8. The BIOS will ask you to shutdown.
9. When you power the computer back on it will run a program to update the BIOS.

Now, I tried this last night. I turned the computer off before I went to bed and it was cold in the morning. I hit the power button and it started right up. I shut it down and ten minutes later tried it again - it started right up. Hopefully you will have the same success I did.

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

OVER HEATING THE COMPUTER WORKS!!!!!!! WHY!? background: I ALSO had an XBOX that would RED RING. I would stop the fans or wrap it in towels to get temporary functioning. So I tried it also with MY HP DV5 that was BLANK SCREENING with CAPS flash. I put the computer under my couch pilow for about 40 minutes. It didn't automatically shut down but when i came back, the suck was super hot, but actually booted up and I am typing this message now!!!!!


Why does this work? How can I permantly fix the problem of LAPTOP not botting and CAPS lock blinking?

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