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Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

I have a photosmart C6380 All -In- one printer that has an error message on it that states, "Ink System Failure, 0xc19a0023, please turn printer off and on."  Have followed all directions under hp contact such as turning on and off, unplugging all cords, cleaning the electrical contacts, etc.  Purchased in 3/09 so out of warranty.  Called Hp and spent 37 minutes on the line with them trying to sell me a new printer without ever discussing the problem with someone difficult to understand.  Was willing to pay $20 for 14 days tech support but kept getting pressured to pay $37.for 1 year tech support.    Does any one know what this code means and how to fix it?  Have never had any other problems with the printer and always use the correct HP ink with it. Have windows Vista on my computer.  Thank You!

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

Try the steps in this document, if you haven't already:


0x error


I was a support engineer for HP.

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

Generally with an message like that, we would recommend first disconnected the USB cable if it is plugged into a computer. Then remove the cartridges from the printer as well. With the power still on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer, as well as the wall, then wait about 60 seconds. After that, plug it back in to the wall first, then the printer, allowing it to boot up.

If it gives you a message similar to "The following ink cartridges appear to be missing or damaged" you may reinstall them at that time when prompted.

(If you do not have a keypad, then you won't be able to do the next 2 steps. Please see below.)

If you get the same error message, if you have a number pad on the printer, do the same steps but before plugging it back in, hold the # button with the number 3, and plug in the power cord back into the printer while holding the buttons down. Once the printer starts showing that it's coming back up, you can let go of the buttons, and allow it to come back up.

If you still continue to get the message, then do the same thing except hold the # button and the number 6 on your keypad and allow it to come back up.

If you still get the message after all of the above steps are done, please contact HP for a replacement if your printer is still in warranty. If the printer is out of warranty, then we typically still have upgrade options available, and you may be able to get a replacement printer (even a different or better model) cheaper than going out to buy a new one. It's usually a good idea to call to see what your options may be at that time for that over the phone support options. Beyond what I've posted, there isn't much phone support can do for you, so in my opinion, I'd attempt to look into the upgrade options.

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

Hi Tanner06,


If your are lucky, one of these 4 solutions could probably help you:


Good luck !

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

Hi, I've the same problem. I tested a lot of things and nothing worked.

You know whats funny???... I've been selling HP products for 15 years... I feel ashamed for have been selling HP products to so many people for so long since this is not the first time I've got problems with HP printers.

Have you solved the problem? Is that correct? How???!!!!

Very tks.

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure



Followed all advice received and could not fix.  Went and bought a new HP Photosmart Premium printer.  Spent 4 hours on the phone with someone in a foreign country trying to get the wireless to work.  About once a week for the next two months the  IP address would change and the wireless wouldn't work again until I added the new IP address to the firewall and reinstalled the software.  Finally got sick of it and calling HP and connected it to the USB.  Now the new one works fine.  HP service people don't seem to know their products and appear to only be reading directions from a manual.  Very dissatisfied with their service.  Even they kept advising me to connect it to the USB.  Why buy wireless then?

Good luck.

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

I tried EVERY solution listed above (more than once) and nothing worked for the Ink System Failure  0xc19a0023.   This printer is only 2 years old, so this breakdown is ridulous --other (non HP) printers have lasted forever.

I only bought this HP printer to to  get wireless and make syncing easier w/ my new HP laptop. But never have gotten my wireless to work and now glad I didn't spend hours on the phone and changing IP address, based on comments above.

Unless their upgrade discount is truly significant, I'm changing brands.


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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

photosmart b110a Ink System Failure and message apper on screen 0xc19a0023 i have triend many ways to solve but nothing works 

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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

I just got off the phone with some idiot from HP. The tech's name is "Tony" which I doubt it is as he has a very heavy Indian accent. As a tech, Tony, is very uneducated on the products that the company he works for sales. He is telling me that the error 0xc19a0023 is indicating a total failure of the printing system mechanical structure. In addition, he continues saying that it can be a malfunctioning print head or firmware or even the entire printer. Are those guys from HP serious??? Then he tries to sale me a new printer for $85 reading of the screen as I can tell he was reading. I have been in the IT for over 16 years and I have service many different type of printers from many different manufacturers and I have yet to see one code that indicates that the whole printer is bad.


I used to recommend HP and Xerox printers as they used to be on the top of the game when it comes to printing. What same!!! As a consultant, I will have to remove my partnership from HP and move to a better provider. My printer is a HP Photosmart Plus Print, Scan, Copy 1.5 year-old and now is nothing but a bunch of useless plastic and silicone. I will never recommend HP to any of my customers or even conduct business with HP.



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Re: Photosmart 0xc19a0023 Ink System Failure

I've been having the same problem.... But, for the first year or so with this printer, did not have wireless radio enabled (used cable instead), and had no problems.  Not until I tried to enabe the wireless radio did I start seeing the error message.  I tried all the recommended fixes (cleaning print head, new ink cartridges, etc) except replacing the print head; but disabling the wireless radio seems to keep the error message from recurring... so, it seems clear that it has nothing to do with the print head or anything to do with the "Ink System" at all; and is simply whether or not the wireless radio is enabled.

I know: "Doc, it hurts when I do this."  "Then, don't do that."... but, it would be nice to be able to go wireless (with my 'wireless' printer').

Can anyone confirm the same symptoms?  (that the error message seems related to whether the wireless radio is enabled or not).

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