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HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

I have a HP DV6-6120us laptop, purchased less than 3 months ago. My HP Simple Pass validity sensor suddenly stopped working. I looked in the Control Panel in my Device Manager and located the biometric device as Validity Sensors (WBF) (PID=0018). I checked the status of the device and received this message:  "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)."  I checked to see if the driver needed updating, but it appears I have the latest version. What do I do now to restore my HP Simple Pass to working order? The version I am running is Thank you.

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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

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Welcome to the world of HP SimplePass 2011 / 2012.


OK, Take a look through the forum and you will find a great many (MANY) entries on HP SimplePass 2011 / 2012. There is also a replacement for the HP version called EgisTec SimplePass that some folks have used with success.


The system on which SimplePass 2012 is/was loaded is in the shop for webcam repair so I cannot comment or experiment on it for you regarding the error code 43.  I did find this after some looking around...


Error code 43 may have a USB flavor - You may be suffering from Validity Sensor (driver) problems.  The fingerprint hardware mechanism may have failed - unlikely in a new system.


The software is likely trashed for a similar reason that HP SimplePass has failed for everyone else - it is fussy software and is prone to driver problems.


It is not a lot of fun right now - everyone misses Digital Persona.  Smiling.


You are updated as much as you can be for HP SimplePass 2011. 


So, what to try.


An Idea:

  • If you can get into SimplePass, do so and get it backed up - you need to make sure you have your web cards backed up.  (I can help if you don't know how to do that.)
  • After you get SimplePass backed up, remove it.
  • Then, clean your registry.  If you don't have a registry cleaner, CCleaner is a good one, else find and use one of your choice.
  • Reboot, even if you are not told to do so.  Windows likes it when we reboot.



You could upgrade to HP SimplePass 2012.

As well, uninstall and reinstall your Validity driver with the latest.




Validity Sensor



Read, read, read - If what I have shown above doesn't help, your answer is probably in the forum.  A lot of people have had success and there are a lot of smart folks here.


I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

Many, many thanks, Dragon-Fur:


I appreciate the insights; glad to know I'm not the only one with this issue- far from it, it appears. I also appreciate the advice on cleaning the registry. I've used CCleaner before on my old laptop, and probably gave it at least another year of life before deciding to upgrade (4.5 years- pretty good shelf life for a laptop).


I actually fixed the problem later last night by doing what you said- reading.


After checking deeper into the HP site, I looked into known issues with my particular laptop model. Apparently the older version of SimplePass I was running had issues recognizing stored prints after wakiing up from the hibernate mode. I updated the valiity driver (even though the HP Support Assistant did not indicate it needed an update). After rebooting, everything seems to be working fine again. 


I'll check on SimplePass 2012, too. Thanks again for your help.



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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

How can I backup and export identities if I cannot open SimplePass?  Apparently rebooting wasn't a sufficient sacrificial offering for Windows ... 

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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

Welcome to the forum, GoodeGosch.

I almost missed you tagged on the end of this old post.


I need to know more about your situation and I will try to help.



What exact model of notebook and which exact windows operating system?


Are you running HP SimplePass 2011  or  2012


the EgisTec version?   (If you don't know, we'll figure it out.)



I don't know if we can get SimplePass to work properly,

we should be able to get it back to the point where it works. 




Kudos are earned!

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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem



I have an HP Pavilion dV7 running Windows 7


Running HP SimplePass 2011


Thanks for your assistance!


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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

[ Edited ]


Edits 05-Jan-2012:

See the NOTES at the bottom of this post!



We can do this. 

If you want, provide more information.

The information will make it easier to know how to guide you in case you need help finding updates.

Even without more info,I have suggested some things for you to try on your own.



More Info - Method One:

I still don't know what KIND of dv7 you have.  There are lots of dv7's out there.

There are a couple of ways to find out.


On your laptop keyboard (not on a bluetooth or wireless),

   Press the FN key and the ESC key at the same time.

   Write down the Product Number and tell me the Product number -

            NOT the serial number (that's private and this Forum is Public).


Next Click Advanced  -->  look at System Summary

We need the information from two catagories:

"OS Name"

"System Type"


OR, Method Two:

Use / Install the latest HP Support Assistant:


Fire up (Start)  your  HP Support Assistant

Look at the bottom of the first page - the Product Number will be along the bottom.

Next, go to Troubleshoot -- Performance and Software

We need the information from:

"Operating System"  You can abbreviate.  :smileyhappy:



In case you didn't know:

You can get to your own computer's website for Software and Drivers from HP Support Assistant!

HP Support Assistant --> Get Assistance --> Access online Resources for your PC


The updates may not be something you want to use, but this feature is nice.  Be sure to check out the Troubleshooting section...


What can you do NOW, on your own?

If the software has EVER worked, and it's just flaked out on you, then you can try just reinstalling it. 

There are a couple of options for doing so.


If you have the version of HP SimplePass that you want to stay with (HP SimplePass 2011) and that came with your system, you can likely reinstall it from your Recovery Manager.  (What that looks like and how easy that is to do depends on your version of Windows 7 - it can be "piece of cake easy".)  The same thing is actually accomplished by going to the Control Panel and instead of removing the software, opting for "Repair".


Control Panel --> set to Large Icons (find the setting on the right side of the page) --> Programs and Features

Find HP SimplePass and Right-Click on it - Opt for Repair


The only problem with this approach is that if there is any "mess" in the Windows Registry (one of my pet peeves), then the mess stays there and you haven't really accomplished anything.  On the other hand, "Repair" - a simple re-install - will frequently kick free some issues and get things working again.  It's easy to do and it's not harmful.


You could try what you've already read about (hopefully you've been reading the SimplePass posts - some of them are very helpful) - sometimes re-installing the Sensor driver works.  Find the right one for your at your web site.  It's probably the Validity Sensor version for your version of SimplePass.  You should check your web site for that.




You could try updating to HP SimplePass 2012.  IF your software ever worked before, even updating to this later version won't blow up your password database AND it may kick the software loose enough that it will start up so you can get at least part of it working.  (Note that I really don't know WHAT is wrong with your setup, you have never said...)


HP SimplePass 2012 (



If you update to Hp SimplePass 2012, you will have to update that driver to the version.

See Comments and Edits at the bottom of this Post.

If you update to SimplePass 2012, then you might update your Validity Sensor Driver - again.  The driver is notoriously flimsy.  Look for yours at your website, in your Recovery Manager, or I can help...


IF any of this works, at least to the extent that the software starts up again, you can get into it and back up your web cards.


Good Luck. 

Let me know if if you have any luck with these simple measures.



EDITS // 08-NOV-2011 //  HP SimplePass 2011 / 2012 Windows Login Issues, Fixes, and Commentary


OK, I managed to get my HP SimplePass working again and  this is what has been learned. 

These are "Not So Simple Measures" that worked to fix SimplePass 2012


First, some History:

dv7t Quad, Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit.


SimplePass (both the 2011 and the 2012 versions has been working for months in some fashion.  A while back, the Windows login failed.  The fix for that is to set the Avast Anti-Virus to start later - there is a setting in the Avast software that does this.  If you have this issue and your AV lacks the setting, set your AV to "Delayed Start" in Services.


Finally decided to poke at SimplePass. Re-installing doesn't work when it's broke.  You can reinstall this stuff all day, clean the registry, and glare at it until next Tuesday and it won't fix itself.  Please do try - the simple stuff can fix some issues.  When/IF the simple stuff doesn't work, try The FIX.


The FIX:

  • If your software is at all functional, get into it and BACK UP your webcards.  If you are the paranoid type and like paper, print them out - BE AWARE, the passwords will be printed in plain text.  Not cool, but it's personal choice.
  • Go to Control Panel > Biometric Devices > Change Biometric Settings > and Turn OFF Biometrics    NOTE:  This deletes your fingerprint enrollment from the fingerprinter (physical device).


  • Control Panel >  Programs and Features > Find and Remove HP SimplePass 2011 (or 2012).  This removes the password database for your websites.


  • Clean your Registry  (Use your favorite registry cleaner or download one - CCleaner is a good one and it's free.)
  • Reboot your system
  • Load the Software - Get it from your Website, from the above HP ftp site, or from your Recovery Manager  (or ask for help)
  • Go to Control Panel > Biometric Devices > Change Biometric Settings > and Turn ON Biometrics 
  • Go go Contort Panel > Device Manager > Biometric Devices  > Right-Click on Validity Sensors > Update Driver
  • Start HP SimplePass (if you don't have a ShortCut on your Desktop, look in Start and search for it)


  • Go through the fingertip enrollment - enroll lots of fingers.


  • Get into Settings and Import your .tsd file (your webcards)!


Bask!  You are BACK!



IF you are updating to HP SimplePass 2012 (, you must update your Validity Sensor driver!


If you do not update the driver from V4.3.118 to 205, then you will most likely run into an issue that I've seen posted:


The error message - when you try to enroll any finger:

... "I see you are having difficulty - would you like to try again?" and the question repeats... and repeats and repeats.  No matter what you do, you cannot enroll even one finger.


Just to make it complicated, one cannot always download the new driver from one's website to update it - you must remember to update the driver from within the driver properties.  Why?  Because depending on your circumstances, your system, and the shape of the moon, the driver may refuse to update properly.  See Dragon-Fur's SimplePass Installation post for Driver installation help.


 End of EDITS // 05-Jan-2012 // 

Kind Regards,
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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem



I apologize for not being thorough in my information.  Following is the list of components that make up my customized laptop...


HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition customizable Notebook PC

Product Number LM726AV
•Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1

•2nd generation Intel (R) Quad Core (TM) i7-2630QM (2.0 GHz,6MB L3 Cache) w/Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz

•1 GB GDDR5 Radeon (TM) HD 6490M Graphics[HDMI,VGA]

•8 GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)

•FREE Upgrade to 750 GB 5400RPM Hard Drive with HP Protect Smart Hard Drive Protection

•Microsoft (R) Office Home and Student 2010

•High Capacity 6-Cell Lithium - Ion Battery (standard) - Up to 5.5 hours of battery life+++

•17.3" diagonal HD + HP Bright View LED Display (1600 x 900)

•FREE Upgrade to Blu-ray player & Super Multi DVD burner

•HP True Vision HD Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone and HP SimplePass Fingerprint Reader

•Intel 802.11 b/g/n WLAN with Wireless Display Support

•Standard Keyboard


Thank you - I will go through the list of recommendations you have provided :smileyhappy:

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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

[ Edited ]

Thanks for the update.

Our systems are very similar!  


The good news is that once you have Hp Assistant updated, you are golden - your webpage is "right there" from now on.


See my previous post.  I've updated it with "The FIX".


You may not need it - hopefully not, because if you cannot get into your own setup long enough to get your webcards backed up, the FIX does blast the whole setup away and you'd end up having to start from scratch (having to remember and type in everything all over - passwords!).


Whatever you decide; remember...


Software and Driver:

  • SimplePass software controls the password database
  • Valididty Sensor Driver controls the fingerprinter hardware


Install / Update the Driver first, then the software.  The software won't work until the Validity Sensor Driver is happy.


Versions Matter:

If you upate to a new version of the Software, you may need to update the Driver.  Software and Drivers go together. 


If you get weird errors and can NOT enroll ANY of your fingerprints no matter what you do, you may have a Software-Driver mismatch.  This does not include being able to enroll one finger but not another - sometimes one or another of your fingers won't enroll - dirt, lousy fingerprints, whatever...



The good news is that it does seem  to work.  The Fix is a "start over" approach.  Sometimes (frequently) all you have to do is get that Driver installed and happy.


Just Ask if you need help...


Say “Thanks!” – Click the Kudos Star next to any Post that helps you.

Mark this Post “Accepted Solution” to say the solution provided worked for you.



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Re: HP Simple Pass 2011 problem

It would seem as if my problem doesn't fit the profile.

I have a Pavilion dv7-6165 Win 7 IE 9

I can swipe my finger over the bar and get a screen asking to get started, when  I click on that screen I get this message every time. "HP SImplepass 2012 has stopped working".  The drop down problem screen gives all sorts of information but the first line is Problem event name "CLR2or3

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both driver and software per this discussion but to no avail.

In an un / possibly related matter I get the same message when I try to use Cyberlink DVD 10 .

All of these problems manifested after HP tech restored my OS to factory.

HP Support assistant doesn't work either. My case manger will not call me back.  HELP!! 

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