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Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

I haven't seen this asked before and I just got my laptop last weekend so I figure I'll throw in...  short of uninstalling the HP Advisor software, which I'm considering, how to you get the friggin' dock out of the startup?  I HATE it, I don't use it, I don't want it cluttering up my desktop and I should be given the option to turn it off.


Any one who can help would be my hero!  I'm using a dv6 notebook.


Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock


Go to Start/Control Panel/System and Security/Administrative tools and choose System Configuration. On the window choose Startup and untick which program(HP Advisor) you don't want to start at boot..

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

Thanks for you help...  that worked like a charm!  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

This didn't quite work for me. When I get to the Startup window, there is nothing called HP Advisor. I have "hpsysdrv Application", "HP Remote Solution," and "hpwuschd Application." Which one(s) do I want to disable. I agree with the others on this list that HP Advisor is a pure nuisance. Thank you for your help.

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock



Try this, on the HP advisor Dock mode click on the HP advisor on the left, it'll pull up a menu, click on PC dashoboard. Then it will open a window, click on settings on the bottom left, then on the new pop up window, uncheck Launch advisor dock on every boot. Restart to see the changes.

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

Thank you....thank you.... thank you!

I just got a HP G72 with Windows 7,  I left the "launch dock on every boot" checked by mistake, and it has been driving me crazy on how to get rid of it.

I don't know how I missed the Settings button in the corner, but thanks for bringing it to my attention.


When I set up other users, I made sure to uncheck that option when the first window pops up.


Sorry for the double post before I found this solution....

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

Hi try this.

>Hit ctrl, alt and delete all at the same time.

>Hit the start task manager.

>click on the processes tab

>click on show processes from all users at the bottom of the window

>on the process list look for HPAdvisor.exe

>right click it and left click on end process

>after ending the process close task manager

>go to control panel look for programs and features/ programs or uninstall a program and look for hp advisor

>uninstall hp advisor from there

>reboot PC

>pc dock will never be there again

>if you want to diagnose using hp tools look for hp support assistant its a better tool to use

>hope this helps

Although I am not an HP employee, I am speaking for myself cause I cant speak for HP.

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

I registered just to say........Thank you very much.    I like a nice clean desktop. 

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

Thankful!! I have only had this Laptop three days but that dock really was starting to bug me. Now my startup desktop is tidy and neat, also without annoying pop-ups from HP assistant. Thanks again.

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Re: Disabling the HP Advisor Dock

yo if u wanna TOTALLY get rid of it as in uninstall it coz u hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it from the bottom of ur heart (like me) then:

1. go 2 ur start menu
2. in search type in 'appwiz .cpl' 
3. scroll down the list till u find hp advisor 
4. left click it n press 'uninstall' 

5. live in peace without the annoying dock reckin ur nice desktop

ciao :smileyhappy:

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