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HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

I got my MP mini 210 a few days ago with XP home.  I upgraded it to WIndows 7 yesterday.  After install everything was humming just fine, even the wireless.  I thought this is to good to be true.  Then Windows installed 21 updates.  It was after the updates that my wireless was hosed.  Same problems everybody else has documented ihere.  I think it something in those updates is conflicting with the Broadcom 4313 driver.


To make a long story short I found the previous version of the hp/broadcom driver.  The URL is: ini-210-PC-Broadcom-Wireless-LAN-Driver-5-60-18-4...


Right click computer- click properties - then click on device manager.

Right click on Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n (in Network Adapters)  then click on Uninstall.  Check box to delete the driver software for this device.  You should be uninstalling driver version 5.60.350.6 dated 3/22/10


Reboot, then install the driver from URL above.  That's version 10/23/09.

So far I'm 2 for 2 with my wireless now working.


My guess is HP will need to come out with a new driver to fix this new conflict with WIn7.

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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

This is a follow up to my original post.


The older version of the Broadcom wireless driver did not fix the problem.  Wireless connection was still intermitent.  Sometimes it would see my home wireless and sometime it would report no wireless available.  I tried various things all weekend.


Last night I went into windows update and it said there were two updates to install.  One of them was


Microsoft driver update for Realtek RTL8102E/RTL8103E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)


Well after I did this update all my wireless problems went away.  Perhaps the Realtek driver was clobbering the Broadcom wireless.  I think HP knew there was a problem and got Microsoft to send out update to  Just my guess.

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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.


Tnx for sharing the solution with HP community!


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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

Well after my last post, after installing windows update, my wireless was fine for a few days and then the problem came back.  Sometimes it sees wireless networks and sometime it says none available.  Once it see none available repeated restarts do not help.


I have the HP Mini 210 HD, WG924AV.  I ordered it with XP and installed a legit copy of WIndows 7 Enterprise 32 bit.  At this point I'm thinking of trying a USB wireless adapter or going back to XP.  It's very frustrating.  At this point all I have is a $400 "mini"  Boat Anchor.  So my problem is not solved, and I'd tag it such if I know how on this thread.


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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

I have the same problem!! Except it's my friend's HP Mini 210 (1022SS) that I'm trying to solve this for him.

Right now I'm using Win7 64bits (Ultimate), but I've tried Windows 7 32bits too, and everything you and some other people (other forums) posted, including the older version of the Broadcom driver you posted above... sometimes, to get the wireless to find my router I had to put it to sleep and wake it up, then it finds the wireless, and then sometimes it connects successfully but only stays connected for ~5 minutes and disconnects (while in use! out of nowhere, just disconnects!!), and then even putting it to sleep sometimes it finds the wireless, sometimes not, and sometimes it finds the wireless but when trying to connect to it windows says it failed :smileymad:

In the Windows Update I found that Realtek lan driver update, did it, *NOTHING* changed, still the same... I just tried hibernating it and waking it up and now the wireless just connected, then I started downloading and installing the Live Messenger (it's a brand new fresh install of Win7 after format) and BAM, disconnected again in the middle of the download!! :smileymad:


Also tried turning the wireless on and off but nothing changes too, it seems like it doesn't even TRY to find a wireless, it just says there isn't any available :smileysad:

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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

PauloGaida, thanks for the post.  Glad you said your using win7 64bit.  I'n currently running win7 32 bit and My next move was to install win 7 64bit in hopes that would fix the problem.


I started looking at the advanced properties in device manager for the Broadcom 4313.  The setting for Mixed Cell support was set disabled. From reading other blogs they indicated it should be set to enabled.  I checked my other dell laptop and my wifes (which use Dell wireless controller, probably a quallcom) and they were set to enable.  So I enabled it, rebooted and wahla the wireless saw my wireless router and connected.  I''ve rebooted about 5 times now and it's still connecting.  I'll see how it go's over the next few days and see if it connects to my work secure wireless.



Computer (Right click)


Clcik on Device Manager

Click on Network Adapters

Double click Broadcom 4313 802.11g/g/n

Click on Advanced tab

Click on Mixed Cell Support,  Set Value to Enabled.


Click OK

Close out device manager



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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

None of my previous "fixes" worked for more than a day or two.  This is my final post about this.  I went from win7 32bit and installed 64bit.  The wireless network seems to being doing better with win7 64bit  but occasionally it still reports no networks available.  When that happens if I hibernate it and bring it back up with the power switch it always seems to then find the available wireless networks.  So I can live with that.

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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

Hey! Any updates on this issue yet?

I've been having the exact same problem.


After installing Windows 7, Windows update went and found all my drivers except for the wireless card.

It wouldn't even recognize there WAS a wireless card until I installed the drivers from the site.
But even after that, it would not find any connections at all.

I installed the older driver, then it worked for a little bit and then stopped.

I went in and set the "mixed" property to "enabled" and it worked for a bit and then stopped.


I loaded the HP QuickWeb software and it works perfectly and consistently with no disconnects.

This means it's definitely an issue with Windows itself.


One more thing I noticed is that after actually finding a connection, connecting to it, and then eventually losing the connection, if there were any other connections within range, they are still shown on the list.

Which I can then connect to, and then inevitably, it fails.

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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

I too tried some of them fixes found above. Same as with other users, they worked but only for a few days. Seeing that the rest of the proposed solutions also only work for a few days, I don't even care to try them. Moving to windows 7 64 bit seems to work for some but not for others, so I am not sure I will go through the trouble. Moving to XP seems to work, if I understood correctly, and I might be forced to that, if necessary. Right now, I am considering buying a USB internet stick for the coming month.

I wonder, has HP not issued any formal response regarding this issue? They must have thousands of users encountering these issues, and they can not just shrug off the responsibility. Do you think they are about to come up with a solution in the near future? Is there anyway to contact HP regarding this issue? 


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Re: HP Mini 210 Windows 7 32bit Broadcom 4313 wireless fix, maybe.

Hi fellow tweakers,


We just contacted the HP customer support in the Netherlands. They refuse to help us any further.

We got the HP 210-1070ed mini pc with the Broadcom wifi chipset and Microsoft Windows 7 Starter. Due to the lack of features in this version of windows we purchased a license for Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. After installation we had the same problems as described above. We first contacted Microsoft but they referred us to HP and we tried all solutions as proposed here.

The HP helpdesk told us they do not support any upgraded versions, which I find strange for I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 7 (right?). Also, on the dutch website it says there are no known problems with the drivers and windows 7 ultimate. When we asked the helpdesk employee to read the license agreement to us, she replied that she had no time to help us and she hung up the phone on us. 

So, to make a long story short, HP refuses to help us and we're planning on taking legal steps since European and Dutch law enforces them to give support on their product.


I find it inapprehensible that a major computer company like HP does still not recognize the problem and refuses to help its customers. In the future we will think twice before buying anything from HP again and we'll advice other people to do so as well. 


HP be loyal to your customers and help them to resolve this problem.




The Netherlands

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