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Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

In case you are one of many hundreds of people whos' notebook has decided to just keep rebooting with no screen. And after endlesss reading in the support section at HP and troubleshooting to no avail. And then you contact Hp customer support and they actually have the gall to try and get you to pay for servicing the notebook when they know all along the problem is NVIDIAs' faulty GPU.  Here is the link where you can read how NVIDIA has admitted to this huge problem affecting many thousands of laptops.


Good luck getting HP to help you out!

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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Thank You very much!! I know know the next laptop I buy I will research and research until I find one that doesnt have any issues like this & for HP not to fix this problem it sucks! Let alone make us pay for repairs. And to think I use to be a HP fan for years well not anymore!! Good Luck to everyone one else. I may get my friend to fix it! Other than that going to be shopping for a new one!
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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Remove hard drive for a minute, restart computer ( I also removed battery and power and pressed the start button for a few secs), screen comes up, re-install hard drive and it will work like new.   You might have to do this again down the road if it happens again  ( I have seen it happening twice so far).  I did not see the  faulty GPU mentioned in the hardware specs.  Enjoy.
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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

[ Edited ]

First of all "gregk" I don't see the screen coming on without a hard drive installed unless God is hiding somewhere in the display. The 6000 and 7000 series NVIDIA GPU's are included with the faulty GPU's. The Compag Presario F730US uses the NVIDIA 6150 GPU. I copied, pasted and underlined the paragraph below, from the article that confirms they are also faulty.


What's wrong with your computer might you ask? Something small that can affect it in a large way. Quite a few of the graphics chips NVIDIA have been producing are defective. We know that the rumor of every 8400M and 8600M chip being bad is probably true, but now we're hearing that it might extend to other models like in the mobile NVIDIA chips running off of the 6000 and 7000 designs. That's a lot of graphics chips and this can cause your computer to overheat, lockup, and possibly not work.


That fact of the matter is HP is totally aware of this problem and are unwilling to help their customers and have no customer loyalty, whereas Sony and Apple are giving free fixes. Apple is also extending the warranty on the faulty machines  3 years at no charge to show customer appreciation. Not to mention that NVIDIA has shelled out $66 million in a lawsuit for this problem and I'm sure HP got their hands on some of that money but they're not fixing the faulty notebooks with the money, they're putting it in their pockets!

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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Again thank you stommy49 for bring this to my attention!! And gregk I have tried all on what you are posting and none of what you are posting work for me anymore. Stommy49 i took my laptop to my friend that fixes computers and he did comfirm that the chip I have in my laptop is one of the faulty Nvidia chips! And HP is so wrong for not helping their customers with this problem & also making them pay for something that they know the issue too! Smiley Mad
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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Add me to this list also!! I'm extremely upset that my 6 yr old Dell still works fine and that this 1.5 yr Compaq doesn't. Like many others, I'm not gonna even waste my time calling HP to get a quote on this repair. So much for trusting them when I made this purchase, never again, let me tell ya...

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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

same here, one more dead computer how's about a class action lawsuit?


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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Try this, it has worked on a couple of my laptops with the gpu problem. Take out the power adapter and battery and the cmos battery aswell until the bios has been reset. After doing this I was able to load windows and uninstall all of the nvidia graphics drivers. When it tries to restart it will go back to the fault with the contiunuous restart so you have to take out the cmos battery again and reset the bios. Next time it loads up there should be just Standard VGA graphics under display adapters in the device manager. With this i can restart my laptops fine and they work as normal albeit with a 1028 x 800 display as the highest it can go.


I tested reinstalling the nvidia drivers and when restarting it had the fault again. I did the uninstalling process again and it was back to normal. Try it and maybe it will work for you.

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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

Read through the post HERE


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Re: Compaq Presario F730US Faulty GPU (DEAD SCREEN)

[ Edited ]

I signed up just to reply in this thread.


It's actually pretty easy to fix the black screen, no video issue.


First i'll describe the problem

The xbox 360's/ ps3's and a lot of hp/compaq laptops have this problem. The gpu gets too hot and due to thermal cycles (heating up, cooling down) little fractures form in the solder beneath the chip.


Take a look at this picture


This picture shows what happens when the gpu from a xbox 360 is removed. This is known as the bga (ball grid array) and it consists of about 500-700 little solder points that connect the chip to the board. It takes a special machine to remove these chips but you can fix this problem with a heatgun believe it or not.


Now I bought a hot air bga solder rework/reflow machine and have been using it on xbox 360's, ps3's, laptops and even cell phones. Here's a picture of my reflow machine, it really is the most simplistic one you can get.


For about 500 you can have the same setup but why would you want to do that if this is just a one time repair? Most computer repair places don't even own a hot air reflow machine and chance damage to the motherboard by putting it in a standard oven to reflow the solder, i don't know why they wouldn't invest in a reflow station to help cut costs. I noticed this when i landed a job as head technician and had to deal with a badly burned motherboard some "experienced tech" put in a oven.


Now as far as the reflow process goes all you're doing is getting the solder hot enough to melt and reconnect the damaged solder points under the chip. On xbox's it's about 430-450F when the solder properly melts, with the RoHS compliant electronics now a days i would guess they pretty much all use lead free solder that melts around those temps.


Check out this youtube video


This is a reflow on a xbox 360 board using a heatgun, as you all know xbox 360's all have the red ring of death or 3 red lights. The rrod is a generic hardware failure caused by heat issues that soften the solder under the bga chip and make it lose connection to the board. His tutiorial isn't just focusing on the gpu and it's not a %100 fix because some guessing is involved, but hey it's at least worth a shot.


You have to disassemble your computer all the way down to the bare motherboard. It's pretty easy to take apart, just start with the panel that has the power button, then remove the keyboard and all the screws. Mark with a sharpie which screw goes where and put them in a fishing lure box. I have several of these at work and it really helps when you know which screw goes where. If the computer won't seperate you either forgot a screw or there's nuts still in place (vga port, wi-fi, bluetooth). On the f730us i reflowed there were 2 nuts hiding where the wifi screws down. Just take your time so you don't break anything.


When you get it all apart you need to gather your supplies.

Order this flux, flux will help the heat transfer to the solder and will also clean the little solder points under the chip.


This is kester 951 no clean liquid flux, it's specially formulated for reflowing bga chips.

Here's how you apply the flux, just make sure you apply it under the gpu. The cpu is in a socket so you can't get the 2 confused.


And a heatgun, everyone recommends the wagner 1000. here's a link to it on ebay


You can also get it at lowes or home depot, menards, etc.....


You can use the same tutorial for reflowing a xbox motherboard because they're both bga chips.


Here's the link for that


I have found tutorials on ebay where you have to pay and they look like they do the exact same thing but probably don't use flux. From experience i can tuthfully say that using flux makes all the difference.


So anyway i just figured i'd share some useful information to whoever is looking for it. Don't hold me responsible if you are trying to heatgun your motherboard on a plastic or wooden table, use common sense and take precautions. Research reflowing bga components a little more before you attempt anything. I'm just opening the door and showing you a different way you might not have thought about. If all else fails you can probably buy a new or used motherboard on ebay for about $100, so you really don't have much to lose. You can contact me if you want to have a professional reflow done by a machine. I've repaired a dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, f730us and an Acer Travelmate. I'm not looking to make money, I just like to help people out.


Let me know if anyone has any questions



I wanted to add that i stumbled upon this forum by searching google on how to fix battery problems with a customers f730us. I ended up setting up my on profile for battery calibration and fixed the charging problem the computer had. I tried 2 adapters and 3 different genuine batteries and all i needed to do was calibrate it. If you have the same problem you can go here.

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