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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
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Level 15

Helping the community since 2015

255 Solutions

1611 Helpful Votes

2541 Replies

Expert in the HP Community since 2015.


Graduate engineer news technology
Kernel Proccessing Engineer
Hardware and software programming (various programming languages)


Level 20

Helping the community since 2009

8461 Solutions

28747 Helpful Votes

46211 Replies

I used to write application software on Mainframe, After Y2K Project I moved to Mainframe hardware/system software area until now.


My second laptop was an HP nx8220. It had a problem reading higher capacity SD cards. I got help from an HP forum and I wanted to give back and so I joined this community in 2009.

I come to the HP Support Forums to learn and to help others get more from their investment in HP products.


I like to solve notebook problems. However, I find myself in the printer boards more and more.


I'm also an active member and moderator of a Vietnamese forum. I normally contribute to 2 sections: laptops and photography. Most likely I will be a retiree in 2016.


Level 10

Helping the community since 2014

392 Solutions

1017 Helpful Votes

5190 Replies

I enjoy solving puzzles and problems and found volunteering here at the HP community to be very satisfying. I intend to continue my participation and contribute as long as I can.

My username is BeemerBiker although I gave up my R1100rt motorcycle a few years ago after putting over 80,000 miles on it.

I have a background in Physics, Computer science and System Design. I built my first system, Xitan Z80 back in ‘77. After receiving my masters in CS, I was hired by a local research institute and started using the HP-85 with HPIB pen plotters. My first personal system was a used ‘82 Compaq portable, and I added the ‘84 HP LaserJet later. I retired in 2009 as a Principal Analyst with a background in Dos, Windows, and Linux. I have been building PCs since the late 80 and have an expertise in system upgrades and diagnostics.


Level 7

Helping the community since 2019

32 Solutions

78 Helpful Votes

827 Replies

I am a retired technician from France-Télécom France. I repaired, built and commissioned radio beams for the extension of circuits, in the periphysics of Nice. I practiced IT maintenance. I was an Expert at HP France for 2 years, then HP France decided to stop the service in France.

I retired as a Chief Technician.

I have always liked to be of service by helping those seeking help on a voluntary basis.




Level 16

Helping the community since 2008

889 Solutions

10553 Helpful Votes

6277 Replies

You will generally find me in the HP Printer Support Forums.


I started with computers in 1971 on a TTY dial-up to a HP 2000c. I built my first S-100 CP/M computer in 1977, At HP I developed integrated circuits used in the HP 700 workstations as well as the HP 800 and 900 series servers.


My current main areas of expertise are HP inkjet printers and print cartridges. In my past Iife I was a project manager at Hewlett Packard responsible for printer/cartridge system interaction for integrated printhead systems. I designed some of the technology that goes into inkjet printers and have five patents. I retired in October 2005 after 29+ years at HP.


I was a Microsoft MVP from 2003-2014.


Level 17

Helping the community since 2009

2982 Solutions

14337 Helpful Votes

25203 Replies

I am retired; I have the choice to do the things that bring me joy and satisfaction. Serving as an Expert on the HP Forum provides a way to give back to our community.


After earning a college degree in a completely unrelated area, I landed in a new field: computers. I was privileged to work in a tough field with some wonderful people at a great time in high-tech history. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is brave enough to challenge the technology field today.

I have always worked with HP products and dedicate a fair amount of my time to the HP Support Forum because being a volunteer expert is a natural extension of my IT craft.

I am ever at my best when I am helping someone. I believe that is true for all of us.


Level 17

Helping the community since 2009

1958 Solutions

15185 Helpful Votes

14336 Replies

I have an FCC Radio Telephony license and am an FAA Airframe & Power Plant certificate holder. I have an Associate degree in Aviation Electronics. I retired from the US Coast Guard as an Avionics Electrical Technician. I was trained to be an expert electronics systems troubleshooter by the U.S. Navy's Advanced Avionics and Computer Systems Maintenance “B" school.


I am experienced in Unix, Linux, MS-DOS and Windows since Windows 3.0. I enjoy OS virtualization and use Oracle’s VM Virtual Box and VMware’s Workstation Player applications. I have been building custom PCs since 1991.

Tak Gee

Level 15

Helping the community since 2011

1219 Solutions

4139 Helpful Votes

6905 Replies


Tak Gee has been with HP for more than 2 decades working in various roles from Hardware and Software for both InkJet & LaserJet Printers. 

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time on the forum as a way to “Pay it forward” to help the Community, primarily in the Printers Section. He learns new things from other Experts and HP Customers, which he brings the insights back to the development team for potential future improvements.

His passion includes scuba diving, traveling, movies and HP Support Community!


Level 18

Helping the community since 2008

5394 Solutions

14587 Helpful Votes

20886 Replies

I am an attorney. I handle litigation throughout the US for insurance companies so I travel a fair amount and depend on my computer to keep me connected and productive. As my firm grew so did our computing needs. I ended up becoming my own IT department. I also had a hobby business for a while buying, refurbishing and selling laptops on eBay back before they were readily available to the public.

I simply enjoy solving people's problems and empathize with the unique frustration caused when a computer won't do what it is supposed to do.


Level 15

Helping the community since 2016

2577 Solutions

5425 Helpful Votes

9973 Replies

I have had an interest in computers since I was a kid and mainly learnt from the experience of dismantling and rebuilding the computers I owned. Later studied a lot on my own and finally for the last year, I am the owner of a small computer repair shop here in Italy. Great place to be for my other passion, the Sea. The last few years I have been running a non-profit organization that deals with sea-litter and the cleaning of the seabed.


Came to the forum to get help and started helping others. I enjoy solving problems for other members. There is an amazing amount of knowledge in this forum and I am still learning every day from the answers provided by other members.


Level 12

Helping the community since 2021

1025 Solutions

2558 Helpful Votes

7013 Replies

Born in the Netherlands (The Hague), served in the Dutch/NATO armed forces for two years, including the Middle East (MFO), worked for an international insurance company as an IBM mainframe lead operator for a couple of years, before accepting a full scholarship at a major western US university from which I graduated with a BS (honors) in environmental science/health with minors in philosophy and international relations. Same year I graduated, started working in water treatment for a major municipality in the US Mountain West, first as a lab tech, then chemist, etc. and now as the city's laboratory program manager.  Also obtained a master's degree in public health (MPH).  Became a US citizen in 1999.  During my free time I 'hobbyied' with legacy HP computers, and found HP's Community/User Forum, where I enjoy assisting HP Users solving their computer issues through the experience I gained over the years.


Level 16

Helping the community since 2008

1523 Solutions

12261 Helpful Votes

7684 Replies

I began using computers in 1984. It was an Apple MacIntosh 128K. Needless to say, it was not a barn burner. Shortly after beginning to use computers I decided to begin learning all that I could about diagnosing problems. I knew this would save me a lot of frustration. I came to the HP Forums in 2002. I had just purchased my first HP computer and had a problem that I couldn't solve; even with all of that diagnostic training. I had my problem solved very quickly and decided to start helping members myself. I have been helping on the forums since that time.


Level 22

Helping the community since 2010

18059 Solutions

39950 Helpful Votes

85916 Replies

I served in the United States Coast Guard for 20 years in a variety of command and staff assignments. After retiring from the U. S. Coast Guard, I worked for the American Red Cross in human resources and financial management positions for 16 years. I have also retired from employment with the American Red Cross.


I have learned a great deal from our other forum members, and this helps me to help others.


I particularly enjoy solving problems related to hardware drivers -- especially in the situations where forum members upgrade or downgrade their Windows operating systems, and there are no drivers on the PC's support and driver page for the operating system they changed to.


Level 15

Helping the community since 2015

1420 Solutions

4782 Helpful Votes

15464 Replies

"My 9-5 is supporting HP Enterprise printing products with an HP Service Delivery Partner. My areas of specialty are Laserjet, Designjet and Pagewide. 20+ years of supporting HP products means I have a large storehouse of knowledge not only on the product, but where to find information." Taking a break from technology means picking up a book, picking up a guitar or going outdoors and taking pictures of nature.


Level 17

Helping the community since 2011

3263 Solutions

14304 Helpful Votes

15213 Replies

I currently work as a technical Support manager at Docomotion, a cloud based (SFDC based) interactive output document automation system, based on our native document output generating software solutions.

I joined the forum years ago, while working at HP's contact center in my country. since 2008 till 2015.


I spend some of my free time on the printing boards of the HP Support Forums.


I love being involved in social media for year. together with some friends we launched a forum focused on electronic music which has grown through the years and has 40,000 active members.


I love electronic music, enjoy watching TV series and movies and love hanging up with friends as possible.


Level 15

Helping the community since 2008

636 Solutions

3436 Helpful Votes

4871 Replies

I am retired from an electrical utility. I was involved in the maintenance and repair of automated equipment in that field. I am a self-taught computer troubleshooter as a hobbyist that began as an off-shoot of my troubleshooting as a technician. Since I am from an older generation, I was introduced to computers as part of my job as a technician and then received a degree in Business Management and Computer Technology . I joined the HP forums in 2008 and began helping users of the forums in troubleshooting hardware and Windows problems.


Level 8

Helping the community since 2022

65 Solutions

577 Helpful Votes

597 Replies

Fell in love with HP laptops when I was still in grade school in Chicago and discovered the joy of wreaking havoc on my dad's "oldish" Omnibook XE3. They just don't make them like they used to anymore.... Returned to Europe for my Undergraduate studies. Put myself through school by working at a Marketing Research and Enterprise Survey company in its IT department, mostly doing computer support "grunt work", but learning a lot about malfunctions and issues in modern Windows systems.

Although today I'm finishing my postgraduate studies in Health Sciences, I still like to keep up with the latest in PC hardware, and to participate in communities and forums helping other users deal with problems on their laptops.


Level 13

Helping the community since 2013

1188 Solutions

2040 Helpful Votes

10105 Replies

I have been in the IT business since 2002. My interest in printers started in 2004, and my first HP printer certification was achieved in 2005. Constantly in following years started to work and learn more and more about printers.

This forum and forum members are a source of amazing knowledge and solutions so I started to help others as much as I could.

The great feeling of helping someone unknown with a few minutes of my time in their search for assistance in printers.

From Croatia with love.

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