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General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Hello Everyone,

I have a HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer, and for the past week I've been getting the error message - "General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)".  I've gone through the HP suggestions on how to correct "0x" errors to no avail, and I have reset this printer at least a dozen times.  I've cleaned the printer, checked for paper jams, cleaned the printhead and I'm still getting this message.


Has anyone else seen this error message before and come up with a solution on how to rectify the problem?


Thank you for any help you can provide.



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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

I had this error .... and I solved it! All without the absolutely superb online help and support of the HP team (note sarcasm filter is set to high).


My take on this is that its a problem that mainly affects new printers, straight of of the box. You unpack your shiney new printer, excited as a child on Christmas day, plug it in, and it says "General Printer Error 0x61011bed - refer to documentation".


My solution comes with all the usual caveats: Your milage may vary; share prices may go down as well as up; the software is fixed in the next release; and of course I will still love you in the morning.


Still reading. Jolly good. Lets begin:


I did this on an HP Photosmart Premium FAX All-in-One, Model C401B. Things might be a little different on other models.


1) Power off the printer. Its not working anyway, i thinks it is a brick, so what harm can this do.

2) Remove the photo feed tray and print output tray. Install a few sheets of plain paper. One will do.

3) Power on

4) QUICKLY - Before the printer has time to realise it is broken we have to folol it in to thinking its OK. Press the menu button, select print report and then print status report. You may have other options on different printers.

5) Manually and gentlly, slide a sheet pf printer in to the printer internals. Don;t get angry here, you are not trying to thrust the paper down its throat despite what all your instincts tell you. You just want to get the paper take up spools to grab the paper.

6) At this point, the printer will sit and think ... and think .... and think. What it is unlieky to do is actually print anything.

7) Hit the cancel button. It should eject  the sheet of paper.

8 At this point, my printer woke up, said it itself, "hey, its morning, the sun is up, I WANT TO BE A PRINTER" and decided to do a full initialisation and, low, after its own personal road to damascus moment, all is fine and dandy in the printer department.


No returns, no taking a plumbing wrench to the internals.


What is going on? Well, I don;t fully know. What I suspect is that some where in the bowels of the printer are a couple of sensors that say if paper is loaded. These, I think, have dust or gunk in them. Not a lit, not enough to say paper jam, but enough to confuse the internals. Getting it to feed paper through cleans these, resets some tiny software switch, and allows the printer to start up cleanly. This could, of couse, be total stuff that comes out of cows. 


But it worked for me.


Toodle pip.




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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Haha, I love your post!


It didn't really work for me, but I second your notion that it it about new printers straight from the box and your suggestions gave me a starting point...


Then I repeated them about 4 more times.  And then shut the printer off and on about 6 times.


Then I opened the cover and jiggled the printer cartidge even though it wouldn't budge much.


Then I removed all attachments (paper tray, photo tray, duplex attachment, feeder tray) and reattached them.


Then, for whatever reason, the printer decided to go through a 6 minute (!) self described "one-time reinitialization" routine (wish I knew how to induce that reboot from the beginning...user manual?).


Then, it worked like a charm!


Go figure....


What a simple, straightforward process.  Reminds me of Board of Directors meetings, management succession, mergers and acquisitions, and reorganizations at HP!



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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

hallo, Allgemeiner Fehler

Ein Problem mit dem Drucker ist aufgetreten

Fehler 0x61011bed

was soll ich tun?


Bitte um Hilfe.



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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Adrian - this worked perfectly for me! My printer is more than a year old (HP Photosmart Premium All in One) but your trick worked. thank you for posting (and for making me laugh!) ~ Ali
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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

I'm getting an error code of 0x61011beb.  after further investigation I found that the locking mechanizm of the cartage is broken so I manually moved the carriage to unlock it and that is when I got the error message.  I tried to get a replacement part but was told that the part is part of the carriage assemby and can not be ordered separrtely.  Is there anyway where I can cheat the system so that I can you the printer.  It's an HP Officejet 6500 and it was printing real good.  Help Please Jaime

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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Wow your a genius. I've seldom had a suggested fix work as elegantly as yours did.  Thank you. saved the day.

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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Challinor, Mendicant, tried your hints. Unfortunate for me I have a Photosmart Premium c309a that my kids knocked off its table. Getting this err cleared has now become a quixotic challenge. I have straightened the frame, since that was bent. I am now stuck in the print heads. Cleaned, adjusted, and does not appear to have any plastic damage. I have also blown the dust out of the feed assy. I don't dare use ipa to clean the contacts because of what looks like mylar, but not sure. Any suggestions would be helpful. Btw, the reason I am working on it do much is this was a 300+ USd printer new that I bought for 100 usd. So I would like to keep it running. It's been a good printer until the close encounter with my kids
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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Got my new printer, perched it on a stool before putting it in its working position in a cupboard. Got the error. :-(

Put the printer onto the floor - which supported the printer properly under its base - printer then worked properly and went through its setup procedure without a hiccup.

It may be that just moving the printer, picking it up and putting it down, is enough to joggle everything into place?

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Re: General Printer Error - (0x61011bed)

Thanx! This totally worked for me. Appreciate you taking the time to post.

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