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Waves in scanns

Product Name: David SLS-3
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I'm having trouble with waves, slicing, patterns in my scans I have tried all the recommended fixes I have found. Any ideas? I'm using a new standard David SLS-3 with V5.1 software and a second David camera. I'm new to David and currently use photogrammetry and IR rangefinder systems to do my captures.

wavy soccer ball.jpg

To solve the wave issue I have tried 3 different computers, 2 different projectors, tried all combinations of projector frequency, camera frame rates, camera exposure, have no problems with calibration.


The scans look mostly fine with the texture on this phenomenon is seems more pronounced on curved objects and sometimes at certain light levels.

 thanks, any help greatly appreciated

Carl Geiger

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Re: Waves in scanns

Are you scanning in a dark room? If no, please try. Turn all lights off and avoid sunlight.

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Re: Waves in scanns

Here in some posts there were mentioned that there are no lines in scans with the original david/hp hardware. It is not so at all: look to the picture from the HP 3d Scan product page:3DscannerFastScanning_tcm245_2355247_tcm245_2355248_tcm245-2355247.jpg

I've marked lines here.

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Re: Waves in scanns



are the sine waves in the scanner control window topped off?


May be you can make a screenshot of that particular window and post it here.

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Re: Waves in scanns

I do my 3D scans in a dark room but have tried many different lighting conditions.  


i have tried different exposures and video clipping is not a contributing factor.


I have tried many different advanced settings.  

Minwavelength setting is the only one that has any noticable effect on the waves.


Below: Scans, different settings for MinWaveLength LtoR 12, 24, 48.


minwavelength l-r 12 24 48


very frustrated, using this scanner requires too much work to clean up the scans to be useful for my needs.  Wish it worked because photogramity has many challenges as well.


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Re: Waves in scanns

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There are numerous threads in the old David forum devoted to waves in scans.

Have a look. It does unfortunately take a lot of time to go through it.
To sum up some of my experience:
Start with 60hz on projector, 1/60 on camera, then fine tune:
Adjust frequency on camera to have the less possible waves moving through the screen in live view.
Adjust frequency of projector using graphic card if possible to better fine tune the adjustment.
If using Acer K132 (or 135), do not use at full brightness (my personal experience).
Start by scanning still items with a mat surface
You will see incredible results on the old forum for many users.
P.S. Some waves will be removed by the fusion step
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