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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Example: HP Pavilion AiO 27-xa0010na UK
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Have been writing to HP since the 8th Feb as well as on Whatsapp

Can you believe thatI am still waiting for somebody to handle my complaint ?

Nobody will call me back and/or message me back

Attached are the Whatsapp Messages saying they will get back to me and they do not......

What do i have to do after TEN DAYS to get somebody to phone me or reply to my messages ?



Long story short.

For the second time in a year my computer will not boot up saying "Inaccesible Boot Drive"

Sent it back to HP last year the first time it happened, lost all my data, apps,folders and bookmarks as i could not get into the computer to back it up. HP fixed it and said something like a "system error"

It just happened again 3 days ago. Rang HP who ran a test and said the comp is all fine, its a Windows 10 error and not HP's fault.

My Wife and Son both have Windows 10 and nothing has compromised their computers so sure it must have something to do with HP.

I tried to get her (HP agent) to raise a complaint about this and she refused to saying "you should call Microsoft"

Yeah, sure, Ill give Bill a call and ask him to pop over and remedy Windows 10 as its not working on my computer but works on everybody elses...

Any advice please people.


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You have a bad situation, Look, I don't work for HP so I am not on the payroll. I can't help with your HP Support experience.


HP Support probably ran HP Hardware Diagnostics. All system tests passed. So it looks like you have a Windows problem.


It could still be a hardware problem. But the buck gets passed to Microsoft.


You can't draw a conclusion based upon other user's experiences (wife or son) . 


What tests did HP Support have you run?


You could remove the HDD or SSD. Connect to a different PC to back up data.


Then try a clean W10 install using W10 media at this site if you can backup data (Link). Or try using a different HDD or SSD to test the PC.


Contact HP again if you can't do a clean w10 installation. This would suggest a hardware problem. Service should be covered if you have a warranty and the factory storage device has failed. Computers are complex beasts. Other hardware could be in trouble.



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Thank you for your reply. Such a shame that it took a member of the forum rather than a member of the HP team to finally get back to me.

I did some online tests when i rung support but she was not helpful and just kept insisting that its a Windows Problem and there was nothing they could do. As HP had initially installed Windows 10 in it and it worked fine up until a point I told her that HP can come and collect it and re-install it.

I got it back now and to be honest its not the same. Folders and drives take a lot longer to open up. As i couldnt boot up i lost all my programs,bookmarks and various other items i needed on my D Drive. As i said previously this is the 2nd time in 9 months thast the same problem has happened (boot drive innaccesible) and the crux of it is that HP are just not replying to my emails, messages and Whatsapp Messages. and that is why i wish to make a complaint, sad to say they have now lost a customer as i will not continue with HP after all this is dealt with.

Thank you for your reply anyway, atleast SOMEBODY listened to me.

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