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PC time wrong , BIOS time , CMOS issue ?

Hi ,


I have recently bought an XW8400 workstation , all seems to be fine ,with no running issues atall .


So far I would describe it as a lovely piece of kit Smiley Happy with Quality construction and overly adequate cooling ( 4 Fans )


However I have noticed that the time in XP/win7 seems to be a bit strange !!


If I correct time manually via either ( XP or 7 ) running system or by Internet Time Server , time stays OK until I turn OFF ?


It is a dual boot with these 2 OS's so it's NOT software.


It is a 2 CPU setup ( Intel 5160 ) with 8 x 1GB RAM sticks , it is running in AHCI mode via BIOS and is booting to 1 single Raptor 160 GB 10,000 rpm drive , Nvidia FX1400 Graphics dual DVI .


I have tried turning ALL power saving options in BIOS off/on , I have also tried updating BIOS to version 2.38 , I have replaced the CMOS battery , which insidently was low at 1.6v , the new CR2032 reads 3.2v , I have checked the CMOS holder and it looks clean and solid to MB .


Last night I tried setting time in BIOS , saved changes , booted into XP , all seemed good time was accurate for over an hour. So I shut down and went back to BIOS checked time again , still OK. Shut down removed side disconnected Hard Drive rebooted to BIOS time had changed a bit ( 1/2 mins ) approx , this was I assume time taken to remove side and SATA plug . Shut down and leave , this morning I booted to BIOS and TIME had stopped at the time I turned PC off.


Left it and checked just now 5 pm , BIOS time still exactly where it was when I turned off ( frozen ) from the night before , the AC lead has not been removed .


Am I missing something really silly in BIOS settings , or is the MB dead ?


The other BIOS settings ALL stay good and so does the DATE .


Searching GOOGLE some say the CMOS TOY ( Time Of Year ) clock can be dead , as it consists of a crystal and an RC network ( capacitor and resistor ) , if PC has got hot capacitor could be dying or there could be a dry joint on MB ?


Anyone with any ideas ?         Even if they are crazy Smiley Happy  


I understand PC's and Electronics but this has me stumped !


Or do I send it back to Ebay dealer ( Charles Computers ) he does deal in loads of these XW WORKSTATIONS but seems to be ignoring my emails at the moment . As it has warranty still ?



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Re: PC time wrong , BIOS time , CMOS issue ?

Hello Dink4,



The computer you are posting about is a commercial HP unit. Here is a link to the commercial forum, it may be more helpful to you.

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Re: PC time wrong , BIOS time , CMOS issue ?

Thanks for the input npw05001 ,


but if you look here you will see I have done that already :


I was hoping that someone here might know Smiley Happy



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Re: PC time wrong , BIOS time , CMOS issue ?

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I haven't looked at the motherboard for your PC.


The main timing crystal could be bad.  The clear CMOS jumper may be loose or on the wrong pins. If you have a clear CMOS switch then make sure that it is not stuck depressed.


hmmmm --- I wonder why "Charles Computer" is not responding?


You really should be on the other forum with your issue.


Have you thought about taking your PC into a local competent PC repair shop?

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Re: PC time wrong , BIOS time , CMOS issue ?

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Hi Dave_G ,


I  just checked CMOS clear switch and it does click so I assume it's not stuck and CMOS jumper is on correct pins , thanks for the heads up Smiley Happy


I thought both forums might give me a better chance of a reply and to be honest , I have had nothing back on the Business forum so I'm glad I did post here Smiley Happy


Charles Computers finally came back to me , after a week of silence and suggested it may have a problem , and asked if I wanted it to be sent back for repair ??


I emailed straight back with yes and since , have heard nothing again , so I am not overly pleased with their Customer Service , they do sell loads of these but when you scrutinise their feedback on Ebay seems if you have a problem they don't move very quickly. Maybe hoping you'll give up ?


Thanks for giving me something to try I hadn't thought of , I do think it may be a dead / need repair on MB though , pity .


Would love to pull the board out and look with a magnifier for dry joints or stick a scope on near the crystal and look for a reading , but this has 30 day warranty so don't want to go too deep or he'll say the damage was caused by me .


However it looks as though by the time I get it back warranty will be out , sneaky move on his part !!



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