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Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

I used HP system recovery to restore my system to original shipped status and I used the backup program in the sytem recovery to backup my data.

I have recovered my system but when I click on the application file (it says it is a "restorewiz application"), it throws me into recovery manager and says, "the file restore wizard helps you restore files that you backed up earlier". Then it says "insert the last disk. Please insert the latest disk and continue the restore wizard." There is no option to tell it to look on my external hard drive.
 I can see the backupon my internal hard drive. They are in the folder "MINWINPC" with file
extensions of .fpw.


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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

The following web site has some suggestions you can try:
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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

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This is really quite simple - no need to burn DVDs!


First you need to do 3 things.


1) Find where your files were backed up. They will be stored in a directory called MINWINPC. In this folder will be another (maybe several) with the date of the backup. Pick the correct subfolder and open it. Inside will be one or more files called "Backup". These will have the form "Backup.001.fbw". The first file is slightly different, this will not have the fbw extension. This file is an exe - an executable file. You may not see the .exe extension as windows often hides it based on your settings. It will have a different icon from the other files. Don't run it yet.


2) The fbw file will have ascending numbers. If they reach 010 and above you need to rename them to 0010 and so on. So basically just right click the file, select rename and add an extra zero. There appears to be a bug in the restore software that looks for this and won't work if you don't add it. Note: don't add extra zeros to the filees 000 to 009 just ones 010 and above (011, 012, 013 etc)...


3) Look for the C:\System Recovery Files\ directory and open the  the root of your C: drive and look for a folder called "System Recovery Files". If you find it then delete it. This is where your files will be restored to. If it's already there the restore software doesn't appear to work.


Ok so you're now all set so go back to the MINWINPC directory right click the Backup.000 file (or Backup.000.exe), and choose run as Administrator. Note: this may work just running as yourself, I didn't try.




Eventually the "HP Recovery Manager" will start, follow the wizard. And then start waiting again whilst your files are restored to "C:\System Recovery Files".



Many people have reported the need to burn loads of DVDs and insert them in order, this is rubbish. When the restore software runs it looks for the final file in the archive, probably to verify a checksum or to find some information related to how it file should be uncompressed. Normally the first time you try, it won't find this as you haven't renamed it. You then rename it and try again, but this time there's a "System Recovery Files" directory so it still doesn't work.


Extra tip: if this still doesn't work open the "C:\System Recovery Files\" directory and look at the file "RestoreWiz" with notepad. This might give you a hint as to what is going wrong.

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?


After having my computer crash and then having trouble recovering the files I backed up, I was seriously upset. Thank you for providing a solution that was so easy and worked so well!!!

Now, do you know anything about problems with WLAN connections and a disappearing Wireless card? Mine somehow disappeared from my computer's radar when I restored it to original factory condition.

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

I have done so and I've been waiting for over a day now with no progress do you have any answers?

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

Thank you so much for taking the time to post that!

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

You're instructions make sense to me but my backup is labled as such Backup.1.exe and Backup.2.fbw . These are the only two files i have The later is about 16 gig in size. My files dont have any zeros in front of them nor can I open either one. Got any suggestions?

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

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Have you run Backup.1.exe and waited for some time for it to index backup.2.fbw?


If this still doesn't work look for the "C:\System Recovery Files\" folder and delete it and try Backup.exe again.


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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

I have the same problem as gjessa. I do not have the 001 or any other prefix. I have tried the deleting system recovery files and this does not work either. If you look more widely on the web you see what a wide ranging problem this is, there are many people with irrecoverable files due to the fact that they followed the instructions in HP software to back up their data. What do you suggest I and others do to recover important work and personal files? Is someone working on a possible solution if one does not already exist?

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Re: Restore backup from MINWINPC folder?

I used this program before I sent my computer to be repaired. Working with Hp we were unable to restore using this backup. I was lucky because I had also backed up my data using my normal backup, so I lost very little info. Lots of info all over the internet about this problem, some people where successful using all the ideas provided but more were not.

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