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Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....
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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

SOLUTION:  Fry's workaround was to restore to a 320gb disk (which was smaller than the original 400gb disk) and then use an imaging software (ghost, drive image, paragon, etc) to move to a 500gb drive.
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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

That must be something new.I just replaced a harddrive from a Seagate160 GB to a Western Digital 320 GB and had problems using the recovery discs I made.I have read that Seagate drives die early and are noisy.Both issues occured for me.
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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

Bought full load of windows vista, reloaded on 500 GB seagate, with no problems.  HP has block on size of HD, so must replace dead drive with exact size or smaller to use recover.  I will never buy a computer with no full copy of OS again.
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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

Well, rfb9999, I don't think the full OS copy would have helped you either.  This is unbelievable, but here goes:


I have a Pavilion connected to my TV.  I bought it about 15 months ago and I am using it very seldom.  I don't think it has seen more than 100 hours of use total. 


When I got it I noticed there were no OS disks.  I'm a techie and I want the disks, so I called and was told that I don't need them.  After insisting that I want the full OS disks, they sold me the recovery disks which include the OS for an additional charge.


Any way, the drive crashed a few days ago and I had to replace it (which is frustrating in itself after such a short usage time). 


I bought a 1TB hard drive for $90, and tried to use the recovery disks that I had bought.  Lo and behold, they don't work!  I am having the same problems described in this thread, and I think  rfb9999 is correct, somehow the recovery disks assume a hard drive the same size as the original (which is an unbelievably stupid thing to do especially since technology improves so fast). 


I just called HP, and was told that the hard disk is not supported by the recovery disks, but was helpfully told that they can sell me a compatibile hard drive for $400!  The CSR then immediately added that it might be better to buy a new computer and that he could help me with that!


Well, for some reason I wasn't in the buying mood, so I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was told that no supervisors were available, this being a weekend and all.  I was given a case number and will call back tomorrow.  I will post the answer here.


What I can say is this: this looks very unethical, they seem to build obsolescence very aggressively into their products.  If this is not resolved to my satisfaction I am not only never buying an HP product again, but I'm also an influencer of many people's IT purchasing decisions, and I will make sure that this story spreads.


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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....



Please report on what HP says.  I just received my new $1,500 system over the weekend and am not happy at all.  Like everyone else who buys from HP, I did not get the media I paid for.  I work in IT and need the ability to set my computer up to meet specific requirements.  As it stands now, I cannot repartitition my drive, I had to re-enable the Admin account that was disabled by default, and of course the computer was loaded with bloatware. 


I will be calling HP shortly and ask that I either be sent a working copy of the WIndows 7 operating system disc  (not a "recovery" disc) or I be given a monetary credit so I can go out and purchase it.  If not, the whole thing goes back for a refund.

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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

HP's answer: Tough luck, you should have bought the drive from us.


They were supposed to call me and did not.  When I called back I was again told that the hard drive is not compatible (even though it is the same standard), so I asked the CSR whether she would be happy if she bought a car and then found out that it worked only with overpriced fuel bought from the manufacturer.  Guess what she told me?  She asked me what blood type I had, and whether I would survive if given a transfusion with an incompatible blood type!!!  Nice job, except my body was not designed by an engineer, while the computers were and should work with parts from different manufacturers.


She did say that the $400 quote was a mistake, and that the price would be around $100 (so only double than what a drive would cost online ...).  I never got to speak to a manager (they were never available for some reason), but she did promise me that she would try her hardest to support my case to the supervisor since I had been nice to her.  I'm still hoping I'll get a call back, even though there has been a week since (just kidding).


My main computer has a drive of the same size as my original HP drive, so I transferred that to my new drive and tried to use the smaller drive in my HP.  Guess what?  It still did not work!  At this point my suspicion is that the recovery disks do not work at all, and if you buy the overpriced HP drive, it comes with already partitioned with the recovery partition filled with the recovery data, so you won't use the recovery disks even then. 


I ended up using a Vista Business retail disk that I got for participating in a Microsoft training program and then downloading all the drivers from HP.  I'm back in business at this point.


My suggestion is to save your money and instead of getting the recovery disks just get an extended warranty (or save the money completely, use a friend's retail copy of Windows 7 with the license key printed on your system - it is perfectly legal).


I was angry enough for a couple of days to swear off buying from HP, but I do like their prices and some of the hardware, so actually what I'll do from now on when purchasing a computer is to compare other manufacturers' systems against the HP system but include the extended warranty in the HP system's price.  Only if it is still a better value even with the extended warranty price I would buy HP.


Good luck with the retail Windows disk request, please let me know HP's reaction.

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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

[ Edited ]

I wouldn't be surprised if older versions of the Recovery Manager have issues with 1 gb hard drives. Going from 300 gb to 500 gb shouldn't be a problem.  I have gone from 120 gb to 320 gb on my laptop.

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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

There is a patch that supposedly fixes the problem of using recovery discs on a new HDD. However, it did not work for me at all. Same goes for thousands of others out there. The OEM HDD's, or hard disc drives are "tattooed" with a file needed to use recovery for about the past 2 or 3 years (when Vista came out I think). HP engineers dropped the ball in a big way here. I find it hard to believe they did not know this would be a huge problem down the road, or at the very least an opportunity to sell "tattooed" replacement HDD's at inflated prices.


Next time I will buy a Dell or build my own system. 

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Re: Using Recovery Disks for different sized hard drive....

Had similar problem where recovery disks partitioned and formated an insanely small portion of the hard drive... I've wasted countless hours on this issue and finally figured out a silly work around that starts out sketchy, legalwise, but ends up all the same in the end. 


I installed Vista 32 but from another system (my laptop) and immediately after installing.  I went to system information down to the software key and clicked change the software key.  I then input my desktops license key and authorized it.  No harm no foul- legitimate key on legitimate machine  AND 500 gig hard drive!



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