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parsing error

when I click on HP Solution center I get the following error.


Parsing error in file C\programfiles\hp\digital imaging\bin\hpqscloc\1033.xml


I also get a sprtcmd.exe fault on shutdown.


I have a HP C7280 the software does not seem to allow me to uninstall and reinstall. Any ideas?

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Re: parsing error



     This message is because Microsoft XML services are having a problem.

Here is what you could do to fix.

Step 1: Uninstall All-in-One software

Step 2: Restart the computer
Step 3: Install the Windows installer 3.0

Step 4: Download and install MSXML
Step 5: Reinstall All-in-One software


Hope this helps


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Re: parsing error

I have a HP F2430 and a HP F335 printer and can not remove the programs from the add / remove section of the control panel.  I keep getting the folloing message Parsing error C\programfiles\hp\digital imaging\bin\hpqscloc\1033.xml

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Re: parsing error

. I have the same parsing error with a C4500. I have tried to uninstall hp solution software, prior to your steps 3 and 4, but the software does not get removed. Can you advise what I now need to do

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Re: parsing error

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Re: parsing error

Could not access Solution Center - then got parsing error message. I used registery cleaner then totally removed all HP printer programs. DIsconnect printer and USB cable. Download full version from HP site - follow directions and good luck .

Everthing worked fine until Windows did an update and HP did a performance scan. This is time consuming.

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Re: parsing error


parsing error C \programfiles\hp\digital imaging\bin\hpqscloc\1033.xml


I have the same error message using Windows 7 and HP PSC 1315.  just suddenly occurred and have not found any suitable solution.  Isn't there a download one can use to fix this error?



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Re: parsing error

[ Edited ]

I'm now getting this same message and I have an HP Photosmart all in one C309a. I've had this printer for like 3 years now and up until a few days ago, EVERYTHING WAS WORKING JUST FINE! Then, all of a sudden, I go to open the HP Solution Center only to get the message HP Solution Center cannot run because your installation is not complete.


So, then I tried to install some friggin' update I found when I searched my printer. Downloaded it and then when I went to install it, I got the message saying that I don't have a device that needs this update therefore I don't need it. THEN WHY WAS IT FRIGGIN PART OF MY PRINTER AND WHY THEN DID IT COME UP WHEN I SEARCHED MY PRINTER WITHIN HP'S WEBSITE?


Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall just the Solutuon center. That didn't work.


Then I tried to and did a system restore to 2 different dates before this parsing error crap started. Which then as I'm now saying, I started getting this parsing error message that's mentioned here.


FWIW, I posted to another thread about the message I previously mentioned I was getting and I've also started my own thread about that message and now since I've started getting the parsing error message I'm now posting to this thread.


I'd also add that I have three computers hooked up to this printer. I have since the day I got it. 2 of the computers are desktops with one running Windows Vista Uiltimate 64 bit and one running Windows XP. The one running Vista Ultimate is connected via a USB cable and the one running XP is connected wirelessly, as was and still is the HP laptop that I'm now having all this trouble with. I'd at this point also add that through all of this BS, I've still been able to print wirelessly.



Personally, between all the other computer crap a person, I, have to go through and deal with and with McAfee doing whatever it is that they did in one of their updates to McAfee Total Protection and that has made it so scheduled scanning won't run properly if it runs at all.  And thankfully I'm not the only one having that issue. As I'm thankful I'm not alone in having the ones I've mentioned here. Only in that then maybe something will get done to fix and or permanently resolve them and in a short amount of time? But I do have to doubt the time frame.


I'm so sick of computers and all the other crap that doesn't last no where near as long as it should, I feel it should anyhow, for how much they cost. But I digress.


Anyhow, any and all help will be appreciated. And I'll give this a certain amount of time as I have given McAfee to fix their issue. If nothing gets resolved in that time, I'll gladly use this printer for target practice, tell EVERYONE I CAN ABOUT ALL THEP ROBLEMS I'VE HAD WITH HP PRODUCTS, AS NO , THIS ISN'T THE ONLY PROBLEM I'VE HAD WITH AN HP PRODUCT OR PRODUCTS AND  LIKE WITH WHAT I SAID IN THE MCAFEE COMMUNITY HELP FORUMS, IF THIS DOESN'T GET FIXED I'LL THEN JUST GO BUY EITHER A LEXMARK OR A CANON PRINTER AS AFTER THIS I'M DONE WITH HP PRODUCTS!





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Re: parsing error

Though this support thread is from 2009, it has some information that may prove valuable.  If you are having this parsing error, the posts in this thread may help you get to the root of the problem, even though it is intended for Windows Vista.


Best of luck,


I work on behalf of HP.
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Re: parsing error

I just wanted to post again and lot anyone having the same issue, no matter with which all in one printer, that I resolved my issue and everything, including the HP Solution Center is working as it should and opens properly.


What did I do...


First, I uninstalled the printer softward including everything belonging or linked to it or that came with it. I did save or keep my clips.


Anyhow, after I uninstalled I rebooted. Then, I verified everything that should be gone was gone, Where I discovered not everything was gone. The HP Solution Center still showed up and was listed as a program in the add/rem ove or programs and features section. But when I went to uninstall it, it wouldn't uninstall. Which I've determined why it would never then reinstall properly when I reinstalled everything.


So what I did next was I followed these instructions and did a force uninstall of the HP Solution Center linked here. However, instead of only removing the right item or items from the ones listed on the right, I chose to delete the folder from the registry editor labeled HP Solution Center & Imaging Tools and when it asked, also everything in and associated with it.


Here's the link. You may or may not have the same issues I did. But, if you did, then you will need to do what I did as instructed here...


Why? Because you can't reinstall a program unless everything pertaining it from the other time it was installed is gone. And when you reinstall it, you want to make sure it installs properly and completely.


Once you've made sure of this, don't use the CD that came with your printer. Instead, google your printer and search for your installation software for your operating system. Make sure you get the right installationm software for your correct OS. VERY IMPORTANT!  Example: in my case, I googled...Installation software for an HP C309a printer for Windows Vista 32bit.


Then I clicked the link that took me to HP. Granted, you could just go to HP but I just found it easier and quicker to just search for the direct link rather then search HP.


Anyhow, once there, I had to click the arrow of the drop down box and choose my OS.




Keep in mind, I was having both the HP Solution Center cannot run because your installation is not complete issue and then I got the Parsing error message. And in that order. What I did and am explainging I did here cleared both issues up and everything is now working and running as it should. When I click on HP Solution Center it opens as it should and I can now once again use ALL the features available in and with this program.


Yes, this did work for me and it may or may not work for oyu. I have all the confidence it will. Either way, though it's hard because it always seems like something is always going wrong with something, have patience and by all means....


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